Good morning all, 

Tuesday am meeting, September 10th WG will be having a Spanish theme. Wear you Spanish hat, bring your cha cha’s, anything Spanish just for the fun of it. I found some hats in storage unit, pick up at check in and wear during meeting for a little fun. Our speaker for this Tuesday  is Kelseyanne Johnson, Park Ranger. Promises to be an interesting speaker.

Next Satellite meeting is scheduled September 18th , at 6pm at the Brickhouse. AM Rotarians are welcome and bring a friend. We meet every first and third Wednesday of each month. This is more of a social, but still working on serving our community. We have 1 Member, and 2 more joining soon as we can to get all paperwork in. 

Membership meeting will be September 10, before Board meeting, 5 pm, in my home. Brickhouse was booked. My address is 5377 Watauga beach dr east. Look for palm trees and bamboo. Parking is tight, but along the opposite side of street, and I can show you neighbors yard to park as well.

Board meeting September 10th, as well, at 6pm will also be in my home. New members are invited to attend to continue journey from red badge to Your permanent name badge.

Port Orchard Cares meeting September 17th at 430 at the Dock.

September 19th, First Auction meeting 0730 at Family Pancake house. Come with your idea’s. “Woodstock” is the theme this next year. 

September 29th- Alumni bbq at Jacqai’s. I’d like to ask Rotarians to bring a potluck. Also, if you see a past Rotarians In the community, invite them, please. Jacqui will have a sign up sheet, with requested dishes as we get closer. She is also, sending out invitations to event to our alumni. Jacqui’s sheet up sheet will be going around this Tuesday. 

November 12th - District Governor Visit. This is a 5 Rotary group visit. It will be held at Bremerton Conference Center. Please bring your partner and enjoy the evening with Governor Mo. Pat Oster has a tune for 4 way test,  we think it would be awesome to sing at DG dinner. I will have sign up sheet available this week. 

December 10th, Christmas party at the Swim Deck

May 15th is the District Conference in Victoria. We had such a great time there last year. I hope many of you will plan to attend. It’s super fun to sit together, do activities together and meet friends as well as learn more about Rotary. There are Membership classes, looking forward to your Presidential year, Secretary and Treasurer classes, and so much more. Some of you may know, that Rotary teamed up with Toastmasters so learning to speak classes, is awesome way to your leadership goals.

June 6-10 Rotary International Convention will be in beautiful Honolulu, HI. That’s why I thought we should have our themed breakfast in Hawaiian attire. Plan early to attend International invention. You save money by signing up early. If you haven’t been before, this is perfect opportunity to attend.

Just a side note, when you volunteer, when you sign in, right next to your name, would you please write the numbers of hours you volunteered for the week. Anything Rotary, anything for the schools, anything actually.

Enjoy rest of your weekend.