Editor's note: This a a report on the construction of the 3rd Sand Dam in East Pokot, Kenya by our NGO Hifadhi Africa  (Global Grant # 1869224).
HAO WaSH team currently out in the field where the construction of the 3rd sand dam under GG186924 is ongoing. The sand dam is anticipated to serve approximately 1500 people in Natan village, East Pokot, with clean drinking water for themselves and their animals. Thanks to our partners Rotary International, Rotary Clubs of Port Orchard, USA and Nairobi Gigiri, Rotary District 9212 and Rotary District 5020. Rotary International Rotary Club of Nairobi Gigiri Rotary District 9212 Rotary District 5020 Port Orchard Rotary
Update by Bob Cairns of Port Orchard Rotary: Construction of the 3rd sand dam was done in a record 8 days(10-17 Mar).There was an average of 200 people working daily(120 women and 80 men).A pregnant woman worked because she had no food.A good espiritdecorp and cohesion developed between the workers.Materials used were 350 bags of cement, over 70 tons of rocks and 22,000 gallons of water were hauled from Marigat. A record 85 bags of cement were used on one day.Serious challenge with cobra snakes in the rocks.Over 20 cobras were killed and more got away.People are still in the field and when they return, a written report will be submitted.Plan is to do 4th and final sand dam in April, weather permitting.Depends on the availability of the engineering contractor.Projected completion date for the entire GG is July 2020.