Posted by Leslie Reynolds-Taylor
The skatepark came about by conversation over dinner table, in 2007. I bought a book How to Build a Skatepark in our Community.
We started with our Commissioner, then went to every civic group, city official, county official to talk about how this community, our kids needed to have a place they could call family.
It took kids out of parking lots of our businesses, but even more then that, it gave the kids to recreate.
Port Orchard Rotary gave $12, 000 towards this world class skatepark. First phase completed in 2012, and second phase completed in 2014, as Vandenburgh plaza, in honor of the was my partner from day one to build this gem.
This last fall, skatepark needed to be cleaned from those that tagged it. We made a call out and Rotarians came out to scrub and clean the skatepark.