This week, The call came out. Rotarian Answered.
Sunday, 4/3/2020
Good morning, CHI Fransican/Harrison is requesting our help. As you may know, they have been a sponsor of ours for many years at our Auction. 
Now, they are requesting our help with suppling meals for their medical Doctors, nurses and other hospital employees. They have about 30 people per shift that need to be fed. I’ve talked to the Brickhouse and the Dock, and they both want to partner with us on this project. Meals will be about $10 pp, could be as high as $15 pp. 
Would you please donate $50, $100, $200, $300 for helping our medical folks that are spending much over time to care for our Kitsap county residents.
4/3/2020 UPDATE The Port Orchard Rotary raised just over $3000 within 48 hours. The Dock Restaurant will be delivering 3 shifts of meals to hospital personal, next week. That is $1000 of what you raised. Kettlefish and the Brickhouse will be delivering meals as well.  Tomorrow will be first shift that will have their meals.