District 5020 Governor Maureen Fritz-Roberts of Comox, B.C. gave her message Tuesday night to a gathering consisting of five local Rotary clubs from District Area 10:  Bremerton, Port Orchard, South Kitsap, East Bremerton and North Mason. There was a crowd of about 200 in attendance at the Conference Center including a table of 11 Interact Club members from Port Orchard and Bremerton High School and two of our exchange students, Alex Fisher and Lauren Toth. Fritz-Roberts brought a message about the joy Rotary creates by telling the story of a woman named Joy in Ethiopia who received a microcredit Rotary loan that enabled her to build a bakery business in her back yard. John Stanley, who joined Bremerton club in 1954 and was our club's president in 1965-66, was honored for his 70-plus years of service to Rotary. John transferred to the Port Orchard club a few years ago to be closer to home.
District Governor Maureen Fritz-Roberts visits five local Rotary clubs  2019-11-18 08:00:00Z 0
Three Port Orchard Rotarians took a truck and trailer to Eastern WA to pick up 3000 lbs of Potatoes and 2500 lbs of apples that were donated by a farmers. Then a team of Rotarians unloaded apples and potatoes to Helpline, which will receive most of them, and other portion will go to our families in Port Orchard Cares. Thank you for all the help from our Rotarians.
Port Orchard Rotarians get food for Helpline and Port Orchard Cares families 2019-11-18 08:00:00Z 0
African Adventure Journal #10 2019-08-10 07:00:00Z 0
African Adventure Journal #9 2019-08-10 07:00:00Z 0
Greetings from Uganda,
We are now in Mbarara, Uganda.  Our purpose here is to attend 2 weddings for the same couple.  More on that later.
Wednesday was a total down day.  We rested, recuperated, and shopped at Navias.  Navias is like a mini-Wall Mart and is a short walk from Heart Lodge.  On Thursday, I scheduled 2 meetings.  The first was with World Vision.  In 3 of the last 5 years, we have met with World Vision with the hope that we could convince them to partner with Hifadhi Africa and possibly Rotary.  In the past we have heard that “Yes” World Vision was interested in partnering.  It was stated this year that in fact  WV policy is to use local NGO’s to implement work in a specific area.  Hifadhi Africa is the only NGO working in East Pokot.  WV used to have a wonderful office in Chemolinogot.   We visited the WV grounds and their building 2 years ago.  The building had been vandalized and it would cost a lot of money to fix all the damage.  WV for some unknown reason just pulled out of East Pokot after operating out of East Pokot for decades. It was said by WV that “a bit of politics” was involved in the closing of the Chemolinogot office, whatever that means.  My opinion is that WV found it too hard to work in East Pokot.  There are WV offices in Marigat and Kolowa and we visit these offices each year.  In between these 2 offices was the Chemolingot WV office.  Hifadhi Africa lobbied hard for WV to reopen an office and got the endorsement of the WV offices in Marigat and Chemolinogot and WV has agreed to start up a new office in the near future.
The WV meeting almost didn’t take place.  The lady(Cindy) I was coordinating with from the states said that I never replied to her e mail.  If you want to get my ire up, just say that I didn’t answer one of your e mails.  I pride myself on answering all e mails.  It was a requirement of my superiors while I was working.  I read her my reply which she said she didn’t get.  When I asked whether we could meet with someone else, the initial answer was “No”.    Well that pissed me off even more.  So I had to put on my angry hat and after a short discussion it was agreed that we could have a meeting.  Cindy later apologized and said that this was not the way WV operated.  So we meet with Faith and Anne.  It was a good meeting and some action items were developed.  WV last November did an extensive evaluation of Hifadhi Africa(HAO).  This evaluation required Hifadhi Africa to send lots of documentation on their work and included a visit to HAO offices.  WV wanted to use a NGO to do a large nutrition project funded by Germany.  WV said that the HAO past proposals were better written that those of WV.  HAO didn’t get the job.  WV was supposed to send their evaluation to HAO but they never did.  In the meeting it was promised that it would be sent to HAO.  It was said by Faith that we needed to find a way for WV and Rotary to joint fund projects.  I told them about an example of WV and Rotary partnering.  A Rotarian in Bellevue, WA, was instrumental in setting up an agreement for large projects(Over $500,000) to be done in Africa and other areas of the world.  It was said our timing for the meeting was excellent because WV was looking for local partners.  Since HAO is the only NGO working in East Pokot, it would seem a partnership would happen in the near future.  One of my interesting take-away from the meeting was that the overhead WV charges for projects is 38%.  Rotary only allows 10% which I feel is unrealistic.
Our second and final meeting was with Joe Otin, the incoming District Governor for District 9212.  I had met Joe 3 years before when he attended a Rotary meeting that I was the guest speaker at.  It was a good meeting.  My purpose was to explain what Rotary through my efforts had done in East Pokot and what I hoped the future would bring.  Joe informed me that District 9212 has 131 Global Grants currently going and is 7th in the world in terms of total numbers.  The District has had some problems and was in fact suspended from doing grants for about 3 months recently.  Joe briefed me on their get well plan which allowed me to slip into my 2nd topic which was problems with 2 Rotary clubs in Kenya.  These clubs have not been fully cooperating with the respective clubs back in the states to render a final report.  I briefed Joe on the details, forwarded some e mails to him regarding the 2 clubs and he said he would look into it.  Our meeting was scheduled just before the weekly meeting of Joe’s home club, the Rotary Club of Lavington.   There were 12 members in attendance.  We were able to network with a couple from New Zealand that work for a NGO called Beyond Water.   We discussed how they do water projects in Kenya.  There may be some future reason to partner with them in the future.
So on Thursday morning we got up early(04:30) and headed for the airport at 05:30.  One of the things we feel you have to do is to allow lots of time for contingencies.  It turned out we needed all the time we had allotted.   One of the things that frustrates me is the security process.  As you enter the airport, all passengers are required to disembark and go through a metal detector plus have purses, fanny packs, etc. X-Rayed.  So there is a massive line even at 06:30 in the morning because there is only one X-Ray and metal detector.  Well, the metal detector is dinging like crazy with almost every person tripping it.  But the security people just waive you through.  My question is “Why Brother”.  At the big stores, malls, banks, etc., they have security people with portable metal detectors(wands) and they scan you.  It pings and they just waive you through.  You offer to show them your I-phone.  But they just waive you through.  Again, “Why brother”.  The security folks probably waive us through because we are white.  Back to the airport.  You re-enter your car and proceed to your respective terminal.  At the entrance door to the terminal is an X-Ray machine and metal detector.  It took me 3 times to make it through the metal detector.  But one suitcase and my back pack are required to be scanned again.  I forgot to take out my laptop in backpack and I am told that no laptops are permitted in luggage.    All laptops have to be in your personal carry-on’s.  I am hand carrying a Surface Pro that Collins has that needs repairs.  It is a good thing we didn’t come through Uganda with our initial luggage.   I don’t think I could have put 18 laptops inside my backpack which is how many we brought to Africa.  So we get into a huge queue moving very slowly towards the ticket counters.  After about 20 minutes a Kenyan Air representative came up to us and signaled us to come with him.  First reaction was “Oh no.”  I must look like a shady character.  But he was just being kind and took us to a ticket corner.  Must have looked stressed.   So you go through immigration and they take your fingerprints.  Why take your fingerprints when you are leaving the country?  After that you proceed into the terminal.  About half-way through the terminal, you go through the same security process as when you enter the airport.  Why run a security check on people that are already in the terminal.  Must be another Kenyan jobs program.  So you empty all your pockets again and go through the same X-ray and metal detector process.   Once boarding is called you learn that you are going to be bussed to the airplane out on the flight line.  We encountered the same thing when we arrived in Kenya.  The airport has zero accommodations for hand-capped people and I don’t see how a hand-capped person could travel through this airport.  At the plane you climb up a movable stairway and wait on the stairs as people back up in the plane.  Finally you reach your seats.  Plane had lots of empty seats so we were able to spread out and have lots of elbow room.
After we arrive in Entebbe, the same process of using a movable stair is used to disembark.  But we can walk directly into the terminal from the flight line.  The first thing you have to do is fill out a health card.  I imagine that the Ebola epidemic is driving this requirement.  But the person you hand it to doesn’t even look at.  After we clear immigration which was slow, we gather our luggage.  But once again your luggage is X-rayed before you can exit the terminal.
Our driver, Bosco. from Green Valley Tours is there to pick us up and we head to their offices in Entebbe.  We meet Frank who is the owner of Green Valley Tours.   Our trip to Uganda was pretty well unplanned as we weren’t quite sure what the schedule was, particularly between the traditional marriage and the church marriage.  We contact Jovenal who arranges to meet us at the tour office.  Jovenal has twenty plus brightly colored gift bags.  All are labeled to be given out at the traditional wedding.  We discuss with Frank the possibility of touring Queen Elizabeth National Park which is 2 hours from where we are staying for the wedding.  We later decide that going to QE Park makes more sense than going on a long drive to Murchison Falls National Park, which is probably our favorite park in Africa.   QE Park is the most visited park in Uganda.  So we leave Entebbe headed toward Mbarara.  Mbarara is when Jovenal attended Form 3 and Form 4 and is the closest thing he can call as being a home town.  We are delighted that we do not have to drive through Kampala.  Kampala’s traffic is as bad as that of Nairobi.  There is a bypass around Kampala now which allows much faster transit times.   As usual, the Chinese are doing many of the upgrades to infrastructure throughout Africa, including the highways.  After 5 hours we arrive in Mbarara and check in at the Lake View Hotel.  The hotel has some interesting legends about the African King that ruled this area many years ago.
Now for some observations, pet-peeves and my that is amazing.
  1. Speed bumps-They are everywhere.  Both Kenya and Uganda use them as a means of traffic control.  For every town you go through, you can expect 5 to 10 sets of speed bumps.  These are the towns a mile long.  Interspersed are 3 to 4 foot high giant speed bumps.  Sometimes they are right in the middle of the country to slow you down for a curve or some other reasons.  Our drivers have been pretty good about spotting them because sometimes they are not well marked.  If you hit one of the giant speed bumps at highway speed, you are going air-borne.
  2. Police Checkpoints-In both Kenya and Uganda, the police are allowed to do legalized extortion.  Allegedly the reasoning is that they are looking for contraband goods.    They stop whoever they want, whenever they want.  Basically, they ask for bribes to be allowed to continue.  We are stopped in Uganda and the police see a couple of white folks.  They ask for the driver’s driver license, inspect the vehicle and allow us to pass.  The police shy away from harassing white folks.
  3. Special rights and benefits for politicians-Again in both Kenya and Uganda, elected ministers of parliament are allowed to violate speeding rules.  We saw these black vans with mini flashing lights passing us going 20-40 MPH than we were.  Politicians here have managed to build an elite society around themselves apparently impervious to the democratic process.  They are the richest people in these countries.
  4. Currency in Kenya-Kenya uses 1,000 Kenyan Shilling Notes as the sole currency for big bills.  They have smaller denominations but nothing apparently above 1000 Ksh.  So imagine conducting all your cash bills with nothing but $10.00 bills.  We can withdraw $400 from ATM’s in Kenya and you end up with 40 bills, more than you can stuff into your wallet.
  5. Guessing how a business will accept payment-We can use credit cards almost anywhere in the USA.  Not so in Africa.  Some businesses/hotels will not take any credit cards or if they do will charge a 4% to 10% surcharge.  Some will take American cash dollars.  But some will not.  So you have to be prepared to pay in Ksh, dollars or a credit card. Makes it necessary to carry more cash than I would like.
Well close for now.  in my next journal, I will tell you about the most amazing spectacle of an African traditional marriage.
Bob Cairns
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African Adventure Journal #7 2019-08-10 07:00:00Z 0
Rotarians pitch in to beautify a stretch of Hwy 16 2019-08-10 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Selbig
Our club in conjunction with the Discovery high school kids released 35,000 chum salmon fry into Beaver Creek on Monday 4 March.    I met the students at our Karcher Creek hatchery at 1:30pm.  IWe were at the main gate Fuel Depot between 2 - 2:15pm.  We released an additional 35,000 chum fry into Beaver Creek on Tuesday 5 March.  This release was not on the Fuel Depot, but on a private farm further up the road. 
The complete photo album can be viewed here.
Discovery high school students release 70,000 chum salmon fry into Karcher Creek David Selbig 2019-03-06 08:00:00Z 0
The program was Bob Cairns from the Port Orchard Club speaking on his service in Kenya.  Bob retired in 2014 and since that time he and his wife, Christie, have devoted much of their time in Kenya focusing on education and water projects and much more.
Bob has been successful in obtaining several Rotary Global Grants (very, very difficult to obtain). Bob thanked the Bremerton Rotary for contributions that had been made to the Kenya projects and noted that the contributions were very important to being able to secure Global Grants.  The Global Grants come with matching donations from District 5030 and other resources.
Bob’s presentation was inspirational and tremendously moving.  The needs in Kenya are great and the efforts that Bob and his wife and other partnerships that they have developed have been successful in building water systems, developing food resources and getting schools set up for learning, particularly with laptops and communications.  Bob is still taking donations of laptops to place in the schools where communications are minimal.
Bob Cairns, Port Orchard Club and speaker, and
Valencia Tang, BHS Interact Club
Bob Cairns speaks to Bremerton Rotary on his service in Kenya. 2018-10-29 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Cairns on Oct 09, 2018
Imagine not knowing where your next meal is going to come from.  Then imagine where you are going to get your next drink of water.  That is what life is like for the Pokot tribe in NW Kenya.
As Pastoralists living in a mostly arid climate, the Pokot tribe must concentrate almost their entire energies towards successfully finding the most basic of needs-food and water.  Heavily impacted by global warming, the Pokot tribe had to endure almost 11 months without a drop of rain.  All streams and springs dry up during these droughts.    
There is a famine belt across Northern Kenya, Southern Ethiopia and Southern Somalia extending across the Red Sea to Yemen that has inflicted great suffering and extensive loss of lives onto many desert peoples.    The Pokot people lost 80-90% of their animals, including almost all their cattle.  People too are dying, particularly the young, the old and the infirm.    People are attempting to survive by boiling poisonous berries for 24 hours in order to get any nutrition at all.    Government food assistance is meager or non-existent. 
However, significant nutritional help is being provided by the Port Orchard Rotary Club(PORC).  Partnered with a young NGO called Hifadhi Africa and through District 5020 Community Grants(DCG’s) and Rotary Global Grants(GG’s), life sustaining assistance has been provided during the past year.  
From Oct 2017-May 2018, 2 DCG’s were used to procure maize which is the primary food consumed by humans.   In May 2018, a DCG was executed in just 19 days from start to finish and successfully delivered 48,000 pounds of maize to thousands of people.  A highway construction company provided a 20 ton dump truck and with 12 volunteers delivered the maize in 3 days.  Because of the rough or non-existent roads in East Pokot, all 12 volunteers squeezed into a truck cab and sleeper designed for 3 people.  This maize was directly responsible for saving many lives.  
Additionally, the PORC was able to obtain monetary donations from Rotarians and friends of Rotarians to procure goats so the Pokot people could start replenishing their herds.  
Lastly, through a Rotary International GG, a sand dam was constructed which it is hoped will introduce the Pokot people to a different way of life, mainly crop agriculture, and this change in life-style will lessen the hardships presently being endured.  A sand dam works on the principal of creating a large sponge around a normally dry stream and this sponge stores water for irrigation, people and animals.  It is a basic concept that has existed since biblical times.  A future GG will install 3 more sand dams and it is projected that more and more people will adopt crop agriculture as a new way of sustaining themselves. 
Rotary Grants and the Rotary Foundation is doing wondrous work in an area of the world that desperately needs help.
Imagine Bob Cairns 2018-10-09 07:00:00Z 0
District Governor, Craig Gillis, will meet with Port Orchard Rotary Board August 21st at 8:30 AM at the Whiskey Gulch Coffee Shop (immediately after the regular meeting).
The motivating theme this year is Be the Inspiration.  Craig writes:  "Through our collaborative efforts 'we' will leave a deep and sustainable imprint on the lives of others.  When we give to our foundation we create opportunities to aid others who don't share the privileges we know as citizens of first world countries."  Port Orchard Rotary, in partnership with neighboring clubs, will support and strengthen our clubs and membership, focus and increase our humanitarian service, and enhance public image and awareness.  Together, we will make it our mission to Be the Inspiration.
District 5020 Governor, Craig Gillis, visits Port Orchard Rotary 2018-07-19 07:00:00Z 0
Port Orchard Rotary's Bob Cairns speaks with Kevin Losute of Hifadhi Africa.
Kevin has shown great leadership and dedication in the entirety of Hifadhi
Africa's Taita Taveta based #STEM teachers' training.
Editor's note: Preface by Bob Wubbena of the Nine Thurston County Rotary Club's Water Committee
Bob Cairns from Port Orchard regularly attends our monthly Rotary Water Committee (when he and his wife are not in Africa) and their Club supports our Cool Jazz Event.  Bob's diary message of his current experience in Kenya is consistent with our own experiences in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Honduras, and PNG.   There is a challenge of helping those that need Rotary's help in helping those below the "governments help".  We can all understand that.  Our work as Rotarian is challenging, and not always easy.  But it is needed.  Rotary is a "world wide organization".  Our Rotary Club supports the community, the State, and the world needs.  Remember the Four Way Test.
Our nine Clubs, plus Centralia and Port Orchard Clubs meet monthly at our Water Committee Meeting and  jointly address these issues and give money and encouragement to the Rotarian leading the project.  Come join us at our monthly meeting, or at least support the Cool Jazz Clean Water Wine Tasting Event on November 17 to help raise money for both local and international projects.  Service Above Self is the key words.
A Trip to Kenya with Rotarian Bob Cairns and wife Chris-----Read and appreciate your life in the USA and your role as a Rotarian when you support  The Thurston County Washington --Cool Jazz and Clean Water Wine tasting this fall.  You are doing good!!!
Hi Everyone,
It was rise and shine at 5 AM this morning.  Part 1, Baringo and Nairobi, is over.  We now start Part II of our work in Africa.  We are part of a 12 person team providing STEM education to around 100 teachers.  We had to get up early to insure that we got on the 08:00 high speed train from Nairobi to Mombasa.  I am typing this as we are waiting in our seats waiting for the train to depart.  More about the train later.
We checked out of our hotel in Kabarnet and headed for Nairobi.  Our meeting with a 3rd elected official from Silale did not happen.  He was not available.  But Collins has done an amazing thing by getting the Pokot elite together.   Collin’s meeting has set up a network and working group for the Pokot people in Baringo County.  I have seen several emails where they are communicating about their people.
Port Orchard Rotary was honored at the District Conference 2018-05-08 07:00:00Z 0
Creating awareness about Hifadhi Africa Org. partnership
projects with Rotary Foundation. — at Rotary International
Convention 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia.
Our own Rotarian Bob Cairns attended the RI convention in Atlanta. The Port Orchard Rotary Club was the only club in District 5020 to have a booth at the Convention and to do a breakout session.  Manning the booth prohibited attendance at most of the Convention events but was still worthwhile.  New networks were formed along with potential new funding partners.  The breakout session on Partnering between Rotary and the Young African Leaders Initiative(YALI) was well received.  Britta Bjornlund, the US State Department, Mesfin Bezuneh, Clark University, Atlanta and Collins Nakedi/Charles Mwakio participated in the panel. 

Port Orchard Rotarian Promotes Clean Wather and Literacy at the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta 2017-08-28 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Cairns
​First, the story behind the photo:  The sand dam was finished on Dec 22, 2016 (My birthday).  On 11 Feb, water just showed up mysteriously behind the sand dam without any local rain.  It rained 70 kilometers away and the residents thought it was magic through the witch doctor.  Almost all (95%) of surface water had dried  up and 80% of the animals (goats and cattle) have been lost because of a lack of water.  People came from as far as 70 kilometers to get water from the 2 km that backed up behind the sand dam.  This first water behind the sand dam was a godsend that saved lives of animals and people.

The Global Grant is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Port Orchard, D5020 and the Rotary Club of Eldoret-Uasin Gishu, D9212.   Project budget: $102,300 

The Literacy part of grant provides small, low-cost computers ($39.95) called raspberry pi, 146 Amazon tablets that are part of the raspberry pi system and 31 laptop computers.  Raspberry pi can operate where there is no electricity, no internet and can be solar powered.  Of the 9 schools in the GG, the 4 primary schools have no electricity.  The raspberry pi contains a full E-learning library produced by World Possible with nearly 3000 videos, over 10,000 literature books, over 60,000 wikipedia articles, medical encyclopedias, etc.
The Water part of grant has installed 5 large tanks at schools, a rainwater harvesting system, a sand dam, and a drip irrigation system.  A growing area of 30 acres is located adjacent to the sand dam and has the drip irrigation system.  With drip irrigation, the goal is to raise maize, and various vegetables.  Food insecurity rate is 56%.  Rainwater tanks of 225,000 was positioned deliberately within 1000 feet of a 12 year old Japanese drilled borehole that was not equipped to be active.  Equipment has been installed and the borehole will be connected to the water tank.  A 2nd growing area alongside the 225,000 liter tank will be established.

The area of the grant is East Pokot, probably one of the poorest places in the entire world.   The literacy rate is 4% and 60% of children never attend school ever.  Area has a population of 150,000 and almost all are goat/cattle farmers.  It is too dry for agriculture.  Major goal is to change the people from pastoralists to farmers.  Otherwise likely that people will die out due to droughts getting more extreme each year.  Current drought is severe with no rain from 20 Jun 2016 till May, 2017.  Area has an absolute poverty rate of 67% which means over 100,000 people have no material possessions.
The Rotary Global Grant is spending twice as much on water projects as Baringo County is for 2016/2017.  The project is having a major impact because of the success of the sand dam and the lack of support from either County or National Government.  The sand dam stored 2 kilometers of water 2 months after the sand dam although no rain was received in East Pokot.  It rained 70 miles away and the water traveled down the seasonal Natan river to the sand dam - see photo story above.  

A wonderful project with life-saving impact! For more information, contact Bob Cairns here.
Global Grant Project: Literacy and Clean Water for East Pokat, Kenya Bob Cairns 2017-06-02 07:00:00Z 0
Margarita Macias of the Rotary Club of Guadalajara Chapultepec stands with the heavy-duty washing machine donated by the Port Orchard Rotary Club for Albergue Mano Amiga cancer shelter in Guadalajara, Mexico. The machine, one of three funded by individual Rotary Clubs in Washington state and California, plus the water pressure system at right, launder clothing and bedding at the three-story hospice for impoverished cancer patients as they undergo treatment at a nearby government hospital.
Port Orchard Rotarians provideheavy-duty washing machineto cancer housing for mexican poor By Rex Wilson, member of the Chapultepec Guadalajara Rotary Club 2017-05-10 07:00:00Z 0
Tuesday 2/7/2017 meeting is cancelled David Selbig 2017-02-06 08:00:00Z 0
Port Orchard Rotary's 40th annual Crab Feed and Auction will be a Mexican Fiesta theme March 11, 2017 at the Kitsap Conference Center beginning at 5:00PM.  Come and enjoy the Mariachi Band while you bid on auction items.  This is Port Orchard Rotary's biggest fundraiser of the year.  The funds raised support local and global communities in need. Over the last 39 years, the Port Orchard Rotary has used community support to fund many worthwhile projects including:

Awarding more than $30,000 annually in vocational and academic scholarships
Ready for Kindergarten
AVID  Advancement Via Individual Determination Mentor Program and Grant Funding
Bill Bloomquist Rotary Park
Port Orchard CARES Food and Clothing Drive
Literacy Program for Adults
End Polio Now
Global Projects in Africa
And much more

You can support these programs by attending the auction, donating items to the auction, or providing a sponsorship.

Come join us March 11th and Eat! Drink! Give!  ¡Comer ¡Beber¡Dar!
Auction Tickets are on sale on Brown Paper Tickets:  http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2581262
Thanks to our proud sponsors Kitsap Bank, Kitsap Sun, Vita Graphic, Kitsap Veterinary Hospital, and G. Anderson Group!
Port Orchard Rotary's All-You-Can-Eat Crab Feed & Auction 2017 Janis Maracic 2017-01-25 08:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bob Cairns
This video shows Collins Nakedi of Hifadhi Africa working with the East Pokot people to construct the first ever SAND DAM in East Pokot.  A team of 68 people(40 women/28 men) collected 38 tons of rocks, 30 tons of sand using 310 bags of cement each weighing 110 pounds to construct the dam in 13 days.  All work was done by hand using wheelbarrows, shovels, hammers, hand saws, etc to construct the dam.  The dam will serve as a secure source of water for over 500 families.
first ever SAND DAM in East Pokot, Kenya Bob Cairns 2017-01-25 08:00:00Z 0
Hifadhi Africa Documentary on East Pokot 2017-01-06 00:00:00Z 0
Port Orchard Rotary has a long standing tradition of showing just how much Port Orchard Cares via a cause by the same name. Together with Soroptimist members we gather food and gifts, then wrap and distribute them. This was our twentieth year of the event. We collected at least as much or more food and gifts than we have ever done before for one day.
The event starts in October with a trip to eastern Washington to get fresh produce apples and potatoes. An entire truckload of 60 full size apple boxes and 36 of the 50 lb bags of potatoes was delivered to South Kitsap Helpline on October 10.
November is the time when we collect the food for the December distribution This year we collected food at local grocery stores on November 19th and December 3rd. David Selbig had this to say about the collection of November 23rd, " Starting out last Wednesday with a great turnout to set up shelving at the Firehouse, our club members moved right into Saturday on collecting food.  Headed up by our Leslie Reynolds-Taylor who tried like crazy to fill all the spots of those people who called in sick.  Lots of sickness.  Then  Soroptimist Tammy Wilson who also was filling spots.  Bottom line.............it got done!  Tammy and her crew stayed late and made sure all of the food was put away on shelving.  According to Tammy, it was one of the best single day collections we have had."
On Saturday, December 17th, Members of the Rotary Club and Soroptimists International of Port Orchard, including family members, distributed gifts and food to assist families and numerous individual senior citizens — adopted from South Kitsap Helpline. Distribution took place at the 20th Annual Port Orchard Cares Christmas event at the South Kitsap Fire and Rescue Station No. 31 on Tremont Avenue.
Inside one room of the fire station were more than 30 volunteers wrappings gifts assigned for the families. There was an information sheet for each family with includes ages and sizes of the children.
Port Orchard Cares - 20 years of assisting families in need 2017-01-02 08:00:00Z 0
2016 fish release coho-chumJerry Polley of Discovery Alternative High School and his students, along with several members of the Rotary Club of Port Orchard and Navy FLCPS Fuels Department released Coho and Chum Salmon fry into Beaver Ck., on Wednesday and Thursday totalling ~70k into Beaver Creek next to the brown & white "Beaver Creek" just past the intersection with Hilldale Road.
Jerry said ot the operation, "Great team effort for sure. we released the balance of the fry into Beaver Ck., totalling ~70k. Hopefully a few of them will make it back one day! Our students really benefit from the opportunity to participate in service based learning and they notice the power of collaboration. Congratulations on another successful release and thanks again for reacting on such a short notice. I really appreciate the great collaborative relationship we have with everyone involved in this project. Many thanks for your exceptional support. Speaking of which, the hatchery team is badly needing new incubation trays in the hatchery."
2016 Fish release 2016-02-26 00:00:00Z 0
What a day we had!  36 families with 110 children that were all overwhelmed.  Lots of tears and hugs.  All of you can be proud of the job you accomplished.  There are a lot of people that deserve a big thank you, but in particular, Colleen Smith and Tammy Wilson.  We certainly would not had had such a successful day without them.  And all the volunteers who showed up Saturday, probably our best turnout ever. 
2015 Port Orcahrd Cares 2015-12-28 00:00:00Z 0
The First Tee of South Puget Sound: William at Chambers Bay 2015-11-10 00:00:00Z 0
Raspberry Pi Device puts information in hands of world's poorest students 2015-01-20 00:00:00Z 0
Raspberry Pi Device puts information in hands of world's poorest students issuu 2015-01-20 00:00:00Z 0
Meeting notes 8/26/2014 David Weikel 2014-09-01 00:00:00Z 0
Meeting Notes 8/5/2014 Bill Evans 2014-08-06 00:00:00Z 0
July 8, 2014 Speaker, Scott Bosch, Buildout of new Harrison Medical Facility in Silverdale David Weikel 2014-07-07 00:00:00Z 0
May 27, 2014 Speaker, State senator Jan Angel David Weikel 2014-05-26 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on May 11, 2014

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Lives are changing everyday because of people like you. Thank you for your volunteer time, your gifts, and your interest in improving your community. At Habitat for Humanity of Kitsap County, we envision a world in which everyone has a decent place to live. Explore our site http://www.kitsaphabitat.org/ to learn how you can make that world possible here in your own community.

Where We Are Currently Building

We are currently building at our newest neighborhood, called Harris Court, in Port Orchard. Our build days are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 8:30am-2:30pm. If you would like to join us on the build site, please attend a volunteer orientation held Saturdays at 10am in our offices at 3559 Wheaton Way in Bremerton. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Posted by David Weikel on May 03, 2014

ImageSpecial dinner meeting at the Port Orchard Eagles honoring the representative of the partner agency in the international project we are sponsoring in Kenya.  The Port Orchard Club is providing monetary support for an International Educational Project in Baringo County of Kenya.  This area has a 96% illiteracy rate as the majority of people live a pastoral life with their primary occupation of being a herder.  This project is being executed by Hifadhi Africa Organization(HAO).  

About Hifadhi Africa Organization

Hifadhi Africa Organization is a fully registered Kenyan based NGO that aims at offering sustainable equal educational opportunities mainly through the provision of scholarships supported by mentorship and enhancement of educational facilities. Our mentorship program covers a wide range of issues that seeks to enlighten and nurture young minds on the importance of community social responsibility and social entrepreneurship.

The Genesis of H.A.O.

During their campus years as undergraduate students at United States International University, Collins Nakedi, Jovenal Nsengimana & Charles Mwakio voluntarily engaged themselves in various community development projects that aligned them towards a common vision beyond friendship to create a platform focused on sustaining Africa and in April 2013 Hifadhi Africa Organization came to birth. This was after examining the African societal challenges that they hoped via HAO will shape the future of Africa through sustainable development. 

Purpose of H.A.O

To be a solution to some of the issues that the people of Baringo, Marsabit and Nairobi Counties undergo through the provision of critical services that are dragging them behind when the rest of he country is moving towards vision 2030- an economic blueprint that aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing, middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens by 2030 in a clean and secure environment.

For more information on Hifadhi Africa Organization, please see thier website at http://hifadhiafrica.org/

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Posted by David Weikel on Apr 20, 2014

ImageUpdate to the club about an international project we are sponsoring in Kenya.  The Port Orchard Club is providing monetary support for an International Educational Project in Baringo County of Kenya.  This area has a 96% illiteracy rate as the majority of people live a pastoral life with their primary occupation of being a herder.  This project is being executed by Hifadhi Africa Organization(HAO).  


About Hifadhi Africa Organization

Hifadhi Africa Organization is a fully registered Kenyan based NGO that aims at offering sustainable equal educational opportunities mainly through the provision of scholarships supported by mentorship and enhancement of educational facilities. Our mentorship program covers a wide range of issues that seeks to enlighten and nurture young minds on the importance of community social responsibility and social entrepreneurship.

The Genesis of H.A.O

During their campus years as undergraduate students at United States International University, Collins Nakedi, Jovenal Nsengimana & Charles Mwakio voluntarily engaged themselves in various community development projects that aligned them towards a common vision beyond friendship to create a platform focused on sustaining Africa and in April 2013 Hifadhi Africa Organization came to birth. This was after examining the African societal challenges that they hoped via HAO will shape the future of Africa through sustainable development. 

Purpose of H.A.O

To be a solution to some of the issues that the people of Baringo, Marsabit and Nairobi Counties undergo through the provision of critical services that are dragging them behind when the rest of he country is moving towards vision 2030- an economic blueprint that aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing, middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens by 2030 in a clean and secure environment.

For more information on Hifadhi Africa Organization, please see thier website at http://hifadhiafrica.org/

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Inaugural edition of District 5020’s news magazine, 50Twenty now online. David Weikel 2014-04-14 00:00:00Z 0
NOTES FROM PORT ORCHARD ROTARY MEETING 3-25-14 Jack Gallagher 2014-03-25 00:00:00Z 0
NOTE TAKER 3/18 meeting Bill Evans 2014-03-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Mar 16, 2014

Just a few pictures hot off the camera from our 2014 Port Orchard Rotary Auction and Crab Feed. I have set up a photo album on the site , so send me your photos! A good time was had by all. Thanks to everyone who helped put together this fantastic event! More on the auction in next week's newsletter.

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Posted by David Weikel on Mar 16, 2014
fiftytwenty logoNo time to be idle during the Ides of March! LITERACY MONTH - March is Literacy Month. This is one of Rotary’s areas of focus. You can click on District Literacy on the district website under Resources (or HERE) to get some ideas for your club. Take a look at some examples of literacy projects, and if you are prepared to do so, apply for the Literacy Award (deadline April 15).
March is Literacy Month! David Weikel 2014-03-17 00:00:00Z 0
February 18, 2014 Speaker: Fathoms Court Contestants - Mission POSSIBLE! David Weikel 2014-03-17 00:00:00Z 0
MARCH 2014 DG DOINGS David Weikel 2014-03-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Mar 02, 2014
leadership kitsap foundation

Paul Andrews, member of Leadership Kitsap's Class of 2014, discusses the Leadership Kitsap program.

Leadership makes things happen. It identifies opportunities, shapes opinions, and meets challenges. Meeting these complex challenges requires a vigorous, informed group of leaders that represents all segments of our community.
Leadership Kitsap was originally organized in 1993 by the Bremerton Area chamber of Commerce in conjunction with all Kitsap chambers, and United Way of Kitsap County to reinforce the concept of informed and committed civic volunteerism. Its purpose is to provide focus for an effective group of alumni who respond to challenges facing our dynamic and evolving region.
Leadership Kitsap’s goal is to build a new and continuing source of fine leaders. The program brings together people from many professional fields (public and private), finance, manufacturing, construction, education, law, government, military, media, health care, utilities, retail and human services. It creates a structured system of communications among leaders from different sectors and constituencies, and facilitates access between the existing and the merging leadership of the community. Leadership Kitsap produces colleagues who can and will help each other get things done.
Above all, Leadership Kitsap promotes a breadth of vision and an understanding of the complexity of the Kitsap area and its public policy issues. It sharpens the leadership skills necessary to motivate and engage others in a collaborative effort to meet the challenges ahead.

are selected annually through a competitive process. Leadership Kitsap's goal is a cross section of individuals representing diverse interests, backgrounds and cultural experiences. The program lasts ten months and consists of two leadership retreats and eight forums centered on major public policy challenges. Small-group community projects to create change are an integral part of the curriculum.

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Posted by David Weikel on Mar 01, 2014

Join us for our annual crab feed & auction!

March 15, 2014 - 5PM. Price $75 per person.

Tickets are going fast so contact Dave Selbig today at 360.871.3823 to purchase your tickets and reserve seats.

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February 25, 2014 Speaker- Tim Katona from the Navy League of The United States, Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council David Weikel 2014-02-20 00:00:00Z 0
AUCTION COMMITTEE MEETING Just before the regular meeting tomorrow morning at 6:30 AM David Weikel 2014-02-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Feb 02, 2014

ImageA dream that began 35 years ago in a young man’s heart has become reality—a big, white, state-of-the-art hospital ship that delivers hope and healing to people around the globe living in dire circumstances.

February 4, 2012 Topic - Mercy Ships David Weikel 2014-02-03 00:00:00Z 0
Update on January 14, 2014 Speaker Greg Sandstrom, Kitsap County Coroner's Cribs for Kids Charity info David Weikel 2014-01-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Jan 26, 2014

You're invited…. to the Hotel Grand Pacific, on the harbor in Victoria, for the 2014 District Leadership Training Seminar on March 29 and 30th! This event is all about learning, and with over 50 training seminars to choose from, we have something for everyone.  If you are a new Rotarian, newly elected to your board, or want to know more about serving the District, you don’t want to miss this event. 

Topics include all aspects of Rotary information, club administration, using Club Runner, Youth Services, Vocational Services, and the Rotary Foundation.  You can also hone your personal leadership skills, and learn how to develop them in others.

2014 DLTA Registration is now open: BYOB - Build Your Overall Bench-strength! David Weikel 2014-01-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Jan 26, 2014

ImageToday we hear from Billie Schmidt, Superintendent of Park Operations at Kitsap County.

Bille Schmidt has 20 years experience in recreation management with extensive experience in developing youth, staff, and boards and managing multifaceted programs, facilities, and operations. Extensive experience in training youth as well as adult staff on many topics individually, in small groups, and in conference settings as well as presenting with PowerPoint to large and small groups.


She has been the operations manager at Kitsap Park and Rec since May 2011. Her duties include managing operations at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds and Events Center, the largest indoor event center on the Kitsap Peninsula, featuring the Kitsap Sun Pavilion with capacity for 4400, Presidents' Hall which holds 1000, and many other smaller buildings and rooms, and outside venues Thunderbird Stadium Exhibition Arena, Lower Equestian Arena, and Lobe & Gordon Fields sports complexes. She also manages the Village Greens Golf Shop, and the scheduling, ticketing processes, and marketing of Kitsap County Parks rental facillities and ballfields. Kitsap County's Park and Rec's website is www.kitsapgov.com/parks.

Speaker, January 28, 2014, Billie Schmidt, Superintendent of Park Operations at Kitsap County David Weikel 2014-01-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Jan 12, 2014

ImageThe Coroner is an Elected Official with the responsibility for determining the Cause and Manner of Death of all persons who pass within the jurisdictional boundaries of Kitsap County. The Coroner or his/her Deputies are required to adhere to the Revised Code of Washington (RCW Titles 36.24 & 68.50) for determining if a case is a jurisdictional death that would require a more thorough and in-depth investigation.

All deaths are reported to the Coroner's Office 24 hours a day 7 days a week and all deaths are jurisdictional until the Deputy determines if further investigation is needed, this is based on the circumstances surrounding the death.

The Kitsap County Coroner's Office is instrumental in the investigation as well as the prevention of deaths. Coroner's Office personnel are involved in prevention groups such as Survivors of Suicide, Mothers against Drunk Drivers, Kitsap County Traffic Safety Task Force and  Reduce Under Age Drinking. For information about State wide deaths, including Kitsap County, Dept Of Health link: http://www.doh.wa.gov/Data/data.htm

Annual Report for 2012:

Kitsap County Coroner's Office took 1909 deaths and Investigated 334 of the 1909 total cases. Of the 334 cases investigated, 129 were autopsied and/or inspected, with the Pathologist consulting on additional cases. The rest being signed by the deceased regular physician or signed by the Coroner based on medical information provided by physicians and are broken down as follows:


Bone Cases-9


Out of County Notifications-15

Traffic Fatals-15




Pending cases-6
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Posted by David Weikel on Dec 15, 2013

sound options logo

Founded in 1989 by Mary Lynn Pannen, Sound Options is dedicated to improving the lives we touch through the compassionate delivery of quality family care. Integrating a unique approach and an uncompromising attention to detail, the Sound Options team is comprised of experts in their field who bring unparalleled knowledge, training, and compassion to the realm of care. Our many awards reflect our true dedication and commitment to the families we serve. Our professional affiliations are part of our deep commitment to the integrity of sound, ethical business practices and the well-being of our clients.

Our Mission

To improve the lives we touch through the compassionate delivery of high quality family care.

Care Management Code of Ethics

Integrity | A professional geriatric care manager is honest, diligent and accountable in the provision of service. A professional geriatric care manager always acts in a manner that is consistent with the professional values stated in this Code.

Loyalty and Responsibility | A professional geriatric care manager is trustworthy and dependable in all aspects of both professional and business relationships. A professional geriatric care manager maintains confidentiality, avoids conflicts of interest and always pursues the best interest of clients.

Promoting Benefit and Avoiding Harm | A professional geriatric care manager promotes clients' interests, values and welfare in order to maximize benefits and avoid harm. A professional geriatric care manager is aware of potential conflicts that may arise when balancing the benefits and risks of interventions being considered. A professional geriatric care manager strives to assure the vulnerable clients' individual choices are maximized to the greatest extent possible.

Respect for Clients' Rights and Dignity | A professional geriatric care manager treats clients with respect as complete individuals with their own history, narrative and unique cultural identity. A professional geriatric care manager respects the rights of each client, including the right to privacy, and, for the vulnerable client, strives to balance client autonomy with the need for protection and safety.

Justice | A professional geriatric care manager behaves in a just and fair way in all professional and business relationships. A professional geriatric care manager does not promote or sanction any form of discrimination such as discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or socioeconomic status.

Our Vision

To provide uncompromising quality of care with cost effective outcomes. To provide advocacy and positive conflict resolution. To create stable families and productive workplaces by offering education, consultation and resources.

December 17, 2013 Speaker - Mary Lynn Pannen, RN, CEO of Sound Options David Weikel 2013-12-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Dec 10, 2013

 Our Club Christmas Party is Dec 11th at 6pm.  It will be held this year at Amy's on the Bay, 100 Harrison Ave, Port Orchard.  All attendees please bring a white elephant gift.  $20. limit.  Please contact Leslie at  360-265-6691 or zmt6969@aol.com to register if you have not already done so.  Come one - come all!

Image Image

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PO Cares Food Collection 7 Dec David Weikel 2013-12-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Selbig on Nov 27, 2013
Thank you to everyone who worked on the last food collection.  Now we need more volunteers for this one on 7 Dec.  We have 15 openings.  First of all:  SAFEWAY 1-3PM  1 person;  QFC  1-3Pm 4 people;  OLNEY ALBERTSON'S  11-1PM  1 person.  1-3pm  4 people; SEDGWICK ALBERTSON'S  11-1pm  2 people, 1-3pm 3 people.  If your available, call me at 871-3823 or selbigdavid@msn.com
PO Cares Food Collection 7 Dec 2013 David Selbig 2013-11-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Nov 24, 2013

December 3rd, 2013 at 5:30PM is the Heritage Distilling event with the Noon Club.  We will host this time.  The owner has heavily discounted the event and will offer 20% off everything in his gift shop.  We are planning this to be a fun nigh to showcase Rotary so we encourage everyone to bring a potential new member.

Heritage Distilling Company is located at 3207 57th St Ct NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335. HDC Map


 As a Imagemember you get your own 10 liter cask, filled the way
you want it, displayed for the world to see with your name and home town on
the barrel in our classic tasting room, special pricing on custom spirits, plus
many more privieges. Photo provided by Rotarian Valerie Pettigrew.

December 3rd, 2013, 5:30PM Joint Meeting with South Kitsap Rotary at Heritage Distilling Company David Weikel 2013-11-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Nov 24, 2013
Port Orchard Rotary has a long standing tradition of showing just how much Port Orchard Cares via a cause by the same name. Together with Soroptimist members we gather food and gifts, then wrap and distribute them.

Here's what Dave Selbig had to say about this year's November 23rd collection: "What a great day!!  The weather was great and almost everyone showed up at their assigned spots.  We collected at least as much or more than we have ever done before for one day.  Thank you to all who participated, both Soroptimists and Rotarians.  Rest up for the next collection on 7 Dec."

THANK YOU Port Orchard Rotary and Soroptimists!


Kate Espy, Mark Grimm flank collection carts for Port Orchard Cares food collection day, November 23, 2013.
Port Orchard Rotary photo by David Weikel

Port Orchard Cares Food Collection November 23rd David Weikel 2013-11-25 00:00:00Z 0
November 26, 2013 Speaker: Tim Katona from the Navy League of The United States, Bremerton-Olympic Peninsula Council David Weikel 2013-11-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Nov 17, 2013

peace-286Dan Phillips and Pete Holt will be discussing The Rotary Foundation.

The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty. The Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world. This support is essential to make possible Foundation grantfunded projects that bring sustainable improvement to communities in need.

The Rotary Foundation transforms your gifts into projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. As the charitable arm of Rotary, we tap into a global network of Rotarians who invest their time, money, and expertise into our priorities, such as eradicating polio and promoting peace. Foundation grants empower Rotarians to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impact.

Strong financial oversight, a stellar charity rating, and a unique funding model mean that we make the very most of your contribution. Give and become a part of Rotary’s life-changing work!


November 19, 2013 speakers, Dan Phillips and Pete Holt: The Rotary Foundation David Weikel 2013-11-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Selbig on Nov 13, 2013


Steve Hutchins and crew returned from a successfull foray into the wilds of eastern Washington today.  He was able to bring back 1800# of apples and 2000# of potatoes.  Some photos of the pickup are above. Thanks

About South Kitsap Helpline

Every day, there are 40,000 people in Kitsap County who struggle to put food on their table. According to a recent study from the USDA, at some point in the year, 1 in 6 Americans won’t know where their next meal will come from. By working with individuals, small businesses, grocery stores and churches across our community, we are working to eliminate hunger.
At the crossroads of compassion and integrity, by a partnership with both the private and public sector, South Kitsap Helpline was born. For more than 30 years, our mission has remained the same to empower people and eliminate hunger in our community. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, that mission is fulfilled every day.
In 2012, we provided meals to 48,751 children, adults, and senior citizens in South Kitsap. In recent years, demand has risen drastically as more people are laid off and struggling to make ends meet. We cannot rest. We must work and push forward our mission of empowering people and eliminating hunger.

Helpline Apples & Potatoes David Selbig 2013-11-14 00:00:00Z 0
ShelterBox on the ground as Typhoon Haiyan strikes Philippines David Weikel 2013-11-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Selbig on Nov 04, 2013

We have two food collection days this year, 23 November and 7 December.  As most of you know, we do 2 hour shifts.  11am - 1 pm, and 1pm - 3pm.  We have 5 stores to cover so its takes a lot of volunteers.  At this time, during the 11-1 time frame, we need 3 at Safeway, 1 at Saar's, and 2 at Olney Albertson's.  The 1-3pm shift needs a lot of help.  4 at Safeway, 2 at Saar's, 3 at QFC, 4 at Olney Albertson's, and 1 at Sedgwick Albertson's.  If you can find time in your busy schedules to help, please contact Sonnie or Dave at 871-3823 or our email selbigdavid@msn.com. 

The times listed above are for the 23 November shift. We will worry about 7 Dec later.

Port Orchard Cares, reminder David Selbig 2013-11-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Nov 03, 2013
Image Support the positive change Interactors are making in their communities during World Interact Week, 4-10 November. Here are five ways to celebrate:

Encourage your local Interact club to create a video for the Interact video contest and submit it by 2 December for a chance to win US $500 toward their next service project.

Introduce students to Interact with this cartoon showing the benefits of getting involved in Rotary’s youth programs.

Celebrate the worldwide impact of Interact by showing this video at a Rotary club meeting.

Plan a joint service project that brings together Interactors, Rotarians, and members of the community.
Use the Interact Presidential Citation to help an Interact club plan a successful year of service.
However you mark the occasion, let us know about it by posting a picture or story on the Interact Facebook page.
Five Tips for World Interact Week, November 4-10 David Weikel 2013-11-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jack Gallagher on Nov 03, 2013
10-22 meeting notes:
*Ron H has identified 3 short term (summer) exchange students to interview.

*Jonna's last home game is tonight at 5.

*Need someone to ride with Steve H to Eastern Washington on 11-7 to help pick up apples and potatoes.

*Need help on 11/3 to put up shelves at the fire station for the food collection in support of Port Orchard Cares.

*Recognized that Brian Sauer was named Port Orchard Man of the Year.

*Reminder that the Christmas party will be Dec 11 at Amy's by the Bay.

*New member, Sara Hatfield, was inducted.

*Jonna reported she went to homecoming dance but is not a big fan of dances.  Has been to the beach, Forks, the
rainforest, and attended Bremerton Rotary with Bill Evans.

*Mayor Tim Matthes was guest speaker.  Outlined the many programs Port Orchard is involved in:  new city parks, city of Port Orchard web site, City budgets, etc.  Is not in favor of changing City's form of government.  Took many questions from the members.  Much emphasis on the appearances of downtown Port Orchard.
Meeting Notes 10/22/2013 Jack Gallagher 2013-11-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Nov 03, 2013
Today Jackie Veach gives us an update on her international adventures, the conditions in Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand.


ImageJackie Veach grew up in Port Orchard, Washington, USA. She graduated from High School with her diploma and Olympic College with her AAS degree in 2007. She met Jesus in 2006 and fell madly in love with Him. So after graduating in 2007 she went to the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California. She studied there for two years getting trained in ministry. She took trips to places such as Qatar, U.A.E., Oman, Mexico, Scandinavia and Thailand. In 2009 she moved to Norway to help a friend start the Nordic School of Supernatural Ministry. You can read more about what she did in Norway on the Norway page. Jackie has felt called to the country of Burma (now known as Myanmar) since she first went to Bethel in 2007. In February/March of 2011 she took a team from her school in Norway to Thailand, and has now moved to Thailand permanently. She is working with a ministry called Help Save the Kids.

In August 2012 the missions department at Bethel Church did an interview with jackie. They have been a great support emotionally and in prayer. She is very blessed to be connected with Bethel Church and the incredible leadership there.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 Speaker - Jackie Veach, International Adventures, update on Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand David Weikel 2013-11-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Nov 03, 2013

Did You Know --

  • Burma, also known as Myanmar, is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia.
  • It is bordered by India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand.Image
  • The Capital is Naypyidaw.
  • Burma's President is Thien Sein.
  • The population is 48,336,763 (2011)

Did you Know? David Weikel 2013-11-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Oct 20, 2013

ImageTim Matthes

Mayor Tim Matthes is a Kitsap County native, born and raised in Bremerton, graduating from West High School and attending Olympic College. In 1970,  he and his family made their home in Port Orchard. He is known and respected for his thoughtful and effective role as a fiscal planner.
Mayor Matthes retired from Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in 1993 and served seven years in the Bremerton Army National Guard. He is a 34 - year  member of Bethany Lutheran Church and School in Port Orchard and has served asProperty Chairman and School Board Member for the Church.
He currently serves as chair of the Port Orchard Planning Commission, chair of the Kitsap County Board of Equalization, which arbitrates assessed valuation disagreements between property owners and the county assessor, and immediate past president of Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners, a countywide community -based organization advocating protection of private property rights.

ImageFred Chang

Fred Chang has lived in downtown Port Orchard since 1996.  He feels fortunate to live in walking distance of Bay Street where there are many interesting shops and great places to eat.  He especially likes walking by the library each work day on the way to the foot ferry.

Fred first served on the city’s planning commission for six years before running for a city council position in 2005.  On the planning commission he learned about zoning, land-use and several issues facing the city.

Fred has worked in the entertainment and software industries, and now works for the State Department of Transportation in Seattle.

He has been a member of several local organization such as the Bremerton Ferry Advisory committee, the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce and the Sidney Museum and Arts Association.

Fred would love to hear from you and can be reached at councilmanfred@yahoo.com or by phone at 360-876-5077.
Tim Matthes and Fred Chang, Mayoral form of Government David Weikel 2013-10-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Oct 19, 2013
Connect. Partner. Serve.
October 2013
Rotary reaffirms commitment to fight hunger

In recognition of World Food Day on 16 October, this edition of Rotary Service Update highlights examples of Rotarians’ efforts to help some of the 850 million people worldwide without access to nutritious food. Listen to a webinar about Rotary’s work with other organizations to alleviate hunger, and read General Secretary Hewko’s message about Rotary’s commitment to the fight against hunger and malnutrition.

Partnering with The Global FoodBanking Network
Did you know that billions of pounds of food are wasted each year? Rotary clubs and districts work with The Global FoodBanking Network (GFN) to establish and support food banks, which redistribute excess food to the people who need it most.

Has your club ever worked with a food bank or participated in a food distribution project? Are you interested in exploring partnership opportunities with GFN? Take this brief survey to tell us about your work or how we can help you get started with a food banking initiative.



Clubs work with local partners to overcome malnutrition

  • The Rotary Club of Guilford (Greensboro), North Carolina, USA, is a sponsor of the Numay Project, an initiative to curb childhood malnutrition Cali, Colombia. Children in need receive nutritious food distributions monthly, and their parents and care-givers receive meal-planning guidance and classes on proper nutrition. Read more.
  • The Rotary Club of Lucena South, Quezon, Philippines, partnered with local relief agencies and Stop Hunger Now, a U.S.-based initiative that packages and distributes nutritious meals, to distribute 5,000 meals at the Aeta Children’s Home in Zambales, Philippines.
  • The Rotary Club of Lake in the Hills, Illinois, USA, partnered with the Ak’tenamit community in the Guatemalan jungle to install a sustainable aquaponics system and train local residents to maintain it. Aquaponics is used to produce both fish and vegetables, providing affordable protein that can be cultivated by the local community. Watch a video and learn more about this project.
  • The Rotary Club of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, USA, obtained a Rotary grant to help fund the Back Pack Buddies initiative, a project carried out with the Lowcountry Food Bank that provides 120 local students in need of daily food assistance with food to take home over the weekend.
Browse Rotary Showcase to find more service projects that can be replicated in your community, or support a project in need of assistance.

Lifecycle of a Service Project (Part 2): Planning and Organizing

Rotary International is pleased to present this five-part webinar series to support the Rotary family in producing sustainable service projects.

The series will highlight different strategies, best practices, and Rotary resources available to help clubs and districts undertake successful, sustainable service initiatives, using real-life examples from Rotarians.

In this webinar (part 2 in the series):

  • Learn how to conduct a community needs assessment, and how to select a service project
  • Evaluate how the service project ties into your club or district’s goal
  • Understand the importance of building measurement, evaluation, and sustainability into your service project

Space is limited to 500 attendees, so register today! Please note these times are in US Central (Chicago) time. To see what time this will be in your area, please use the time zone converter.

Click on the blue hyperlinks below to register:

English 1: 19November 2013, 10:00 - 11:00
English 2: 19 November 2013, 18:00 - 19:00
Japanese: 12 December 2013, 18:00 - 19:00
Spanish: 11 December 2013, 10:00 - 11:00
French: 12December 2013, 9:00 - 10:00
Portuguese: 12 December 2013, 12:00 - 13:00

Support international development at an upcoming project fair
Is your club ready to make a global impact? Attend a project fair to gain a better understanding of local communities’ most pressing needs, to establish international service partnerships, and to build lasting relationships around the world.

The 21st Central America Project Fair will be held 30 January-1 February in Antigua, Guatemala. Rotarians are invited to share friendship and fellowship while exploring opportunities to support local projects. Read the brochureand register online.
Service Project Resources
Browse projects in need of assistance or post yours on Rotary's crowdcontributing tool.
Rotary's Areas of Focus Guide (965)
Get this informative, color booklet for an introduction to Rotary's six areas of focus.
Communities in Action (605A)
Find step-by-step instructions for developing, implementing, and evaluating successful service projects.
Community Assessment Tools (605C)
Learn about eight useful tools for selecting an effective service project, including asset inventory, community mapping, and focus groups.
Rotary Service Update is a resource for Rotarians interested in planning service projects. If you have questions, comments, or story recommendations, contact us at rotary.service@rotary.org.
Rotary Service Update David Weikel 2013-10-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jack Gallagher on Oct 14, 2013
The Christmas party will be December 11th at Amy's by the Bay.

Our new member, Sarah Hatfield, will be formally inducted next week.

Jonna reported that she attended a UW volleyball game

Rotary moment:  Steve Hutchins recalled that the year he joined the Club raised money to purchase a wheelchair capable van for a family that was living in an old van.  They had two children in wheelchairs and no lift.

Jay distributed the lists of committees to the committee leaders present and the members joined up to get started.  That list was sent out to all members recently.  If you didn't sign up today you can still do so by contacting the leader.

Drawing:  Don DeMers won $25.  I think we are down to about 6 or 7 cards and the Joker is still among them!!!

Jack Gallagher
Rotary Club of Port Orchard

Meeting Notes: 10/15/2013 Jack Gallagher 2013-10-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Oct 06, 2013

Today we will be hearing from our own Rotarian, former city councilman Fred Olin. He'll be addressing a city manager vs mayor form of government.

Fred's Background info from the Kitsap Sun's 2013 election guide archives, at http://elections.kitsapsun.com/candidates/fred-olin

Background Information

Educational background:


BA- Washington State University
MA-University of Puget Sound

Current occupation/work history:


Currently, loan officer for Olympic Northwest Mortgage.
Retired education administrator. Twenty-one years years as a classroom teacher grades 1-12.
Former Realtor and associate broker; sales manager.

Volunteer/Civic involvement:


Civil Service Commissioner for City of Port Orchard.
Member, Port Orchard Revitalization Team.
Director, South Kitsap Youth Athletic Association Girls Basketball program.
Co-ordinator, SKYAA Basketball Referees program.
Team Manager, South Kitsap Eastern Little League.

Family info (spouse, children):


Married to Fran (retired SKHS Counselor), four grown children, one grandchild.

How long have you lived in the community?


38 years

October 7, 2013 speaker: Fred Olin, City Manager vs Mayor form of government David Weikel 2013-10-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Oct 06, 2013
Vocational Service concentrates on the Four Way Test, Leadership, and Ethics in Business. All Rotarians should remember that Rotary was founded on the principle that its members maintain high levels of integrity and this should be emphasized throughout the year. Specifically, for October, please consider the following types of activities to recognize Vocational Service Month:
Organize a club gathering such as a membership fair, open house, or other activity to bring together folks from various occupations and who are not Rotarians.

ImageInsure that new club members give Vocational Service talks so all may gain an understanding and appreciation for the various occupations represented in the club.

Let us remember the Declaration of Rotarians in Businesses and Professions

In the words of John Armenia "No aspect of Rotary is more closely related to each member than a personal commitment to represent one’s vocation or occupation to fellow Rotarians, and to exemplify the characteristics of high ethical standards and the dignity of work. Rotarians understand that each person makes a valuable contribution to a better society through daily activities in a business or profession."

Rotary International has an award called Vocational Service Leadership Award.

The Vocational Service Leadership Award recognizes Rotarians who have made a significant impact in advancing vocational service.
District governors may nominate one candidate from their district each year.

An individual may receive this award only once. Current, incoming, and past district governors, and current, incoming, and past RIdirectors are ineligible.

Candidates must have exhibited significant support of vocational service by fulfilling each of the following criteria:

  • Exemplifying integrity and high ethical standards in their vocation and in Rotary
  • Using their vocational talents to serve the community
  • Personally undertaking at least one of the following:
    • Mentoring a young person to help that person succeed in vocational pursuits
    • Organizing a vocational service discussion or group workshop to inspire others to take action
    • Teaching other club members about their vocation by participating in a classification talk
    • Participating in a business networking event that introduces non-Rotarians to the principles of vocational service
    • Implementing an activity to celebrate Vocational Service Month in October
    • Participating in another vocational service project that meets local needs

Selection procedure
The district governor must submit a completed nomination form to RI World Headquarters by 1 November.

Have a wonderful October and remember to recognize Vocational Service month.

October is Rotary Vocational Service Month David Weikel 2013-10-07 00:00:00Z 0
Board meeting Tuesday night 10/8, 5:30 PM at Everybody's David Weikel 2013-10-07 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Beer and Wine with Wags Date: October 5, 2013 Time: 6:00 PM - 6:00 PM David Weikel 2013-09-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Sep 29, 2013

Opening music: O Canada/Star Spangled Banner

Note Taker: Orrin & Dave

Invocation: Susan

 Pledge: Pat oster

Song by Danford, US and Candain National Anthem

4 way Test

Make Ups: Cornie

Sunshine Report: Tom Herstad


Firesides: 16 participants

Board meeting October 8th Everybody's 5:30 PM

Interact - Holiday Extravaganza craft fair November 30th

New Member - * Leslie - survey for new members

October 5, wine with wags

Exchange Student Report, Jonna - Likes classesgoing to school, Wa State Fair, 1st football game.

Rotary moment: Dan - 9/11, Danford

Happy bucks/fine program: Derek Grant! Fireside Assignments

Program: District Governor 5020: Pete Taylor. Make things happen - Recognition. Whistler District Conference

Raffle, $1000+, Tim Thompson, $10.


Meeting Notes: 9/17/2013 David Weikel 2013-09-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Sep 29, 2013

The Story Behind Heritage Distilling Company, Inc.

DEF: Her-it-age (noun)

  1. Anything that has been transmitted from the past or handed down by tradition.
  2. Something that comes or belongs to one by reason of birth; a national heritage of honor, pride and courage.
  3. Something reserved for a particular person or group or the outcome of an action.
  4. Evidence of the past.

Years in the planning, we are now proud to share our heritage with spirits enthusiasts.

Each of our product lines and services were developed with a particular story in mind, because “Every Spirit has a Story”™. Some are rooted in the history and heritage of our company founders, while others are centered on the collective heritage and history we all long to create and share.
Whether you are getting ready to enjoy our premium spirits, or you are joining us at the distillery for our exclusive and customized “Your Whiskey, Your Way™” programs (Cask Club™* and My Batch™*) we are confident you will find the story behind your spirit.

About Heritage Distilling Company, Inc.™
Heritage Distilling Company, Inc.™ (known by locals, friends and fellow spirits enthusiasts as “HDC™”) is a Washington State Craft Distillery. We are majority owned by women and family operated.

As a Craft Distillery we manage the entire process of making our spirits by hand – from identifying and working directly with the farmers growing our grains, to ensuring the purity of our water source, to milling the grain, making our own mash and wort and running our own custom made stills – we strive to maintain the best of the “Field to Flask”™ Imageethos. In this way you can be assured the hand-crafted, small batch spirits we produce meet the highest standards.

We pour a little of our heart into every hand crafted, small batch of spirits we make. Learn more about HDC™ and the different product lines of spirits and patent-pending programs in our “Story behind the spirits“.

You can also download, view and share our HDC Overview Brochure.

October 1, 2013 Speaker Justin Stiefel: "Every spirit has a story" David Weikel 2013-09-30 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Sep 22, 2013

Kitsap Community Foundation


To improve Kitsap County by connecting people who care with causes that matter through
endowment-funded grants.


The Kitsap Community Foundation (KCF) exists to provide a flexible, efficient vehicle for local philanthropy. Through the Foundation, donors establish a legacy of ongoing financial support for the benefit of our community and its future generations.



The Kitsap Community Foundation was founded in 1993 by a group of dedicated citizens who wanted to ensure there was a "forever" mechanism for providing on-going support to meet the needs of our community.

This goal is accomplished through the distribution of grants which are funded through "forever" endowments and other funds that have been established by businesses, your neighbors and people like you. Donors create endowment funds in order to support the community good, not just for today, but for generations to come. Establishing an endowment is a long-term commitment to the community. It is a recognition that the needs of our community change over time and that our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will need resources to meet those needs.


Kitsap Community Foundation offers a variety of endowment and other charitable fund options to match our donor/investors' desire to give back to the community in a meaningful, directed way with the option to leave a permanent legacy for future generations. KCF provides good stewardship of donor funds, and relieves the donors of many of the administrative and management tasks involved with private or family foundations.


In summary, the Kitsap Community Foundation is a tax-exempt, independent and publicly-supported philanthropic organization, organized and operated primarily as a permanent collection of endowed funds. Income from the investment of these funds provides long-term benefits to Kitsap County and its residents through creative advocacy and grant-making activities.

Kol Medina, Executive Director, Kitsap Community Foundation David Weikel 2013-09-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jack Gallagher on Sep 14, 2013
Editor's note: these are the draft board minutes for the board meeting of September 10, 2013 at Everybody’s Restaurant. A revision will be sent out once they are approved.
Rotary Board Input for Newsletter Jack Gallagher 2013-09-15 00:00:00Z 0
ON THE ROAD TO WHISTLER David Weikel 2013-09-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Sep 13, 2013
PeteTaylorSmallSeptember is NEW GENERATIONS MONTH. What is your club doing to make itself attractive to younger potential members and equally important, what is it doing to hold the interest of your existing younger members? Clubs should be non-discriminatory in their recruiting efforts - anyone of any age who would be a good Rotarian should be recruited - but the area of “New Generations” presents the most challenges.
Pete Taylor presents DG Doings for September David Weikel 2013-09-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Sep 13, 2013

Pete was Pete and Kristine Taylorborn in New Jersey, raised in Miami and graduated from Duke. After Coast Guard service in Hawaii, he embarked on a career in communications, starting with DJ work in Miami, Honolulu and San Francisco. He then went into management as VP&GM of WJIB Boston and KFOG San Francisco. Pete ran his own advertising and PR firm in San Francisco for 18 years before retiring in 1996. He still does occasional voice work.

Native Tacoman Kristine attended Stadium and UW and then went on to the University of Oregon Medical School, emerging as a Registered Dietitian. She and Pete met in San Francisco where they married in 1978. Their son John went to UW, lives in Seattle and works as an engineer in Everett. Kristine retired from Franciscan Health System January 1, 2011.

Pete joined San Francisco #2 in 1984. While there, he served as club president, District PR Chair and Conference Chair. After retirement, the family moved to Tacoma. He joined Tacoma #8 in 2002 and was President 2006-07. He has recently served the District as Area 7 AG and Council Chair.

The Taylors live in Northeast Tacoma. Pete has served as chair/member of numerous community organizations. He works out five days a week; Kristine thrives on water-walking and is active at church.


Pete Taylor 2013 - 2014 District Governor visits Port Orchard Rotary September 17th David Weikel 2013-09-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Sep 08, 2013
At today's meeting, Susan Veach will be facilitating a Skype with former exchange student Joliet, who was on exchange several years ago.
September 10 - Skype former exchange student David Weikel 2013-09-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Sep 01, 2013
Class Size Update

Posted to South Kitsap School District website by Michelle Reid at 8/31/2013

We are continuing to monitor class size and allocate teachers where we see the highest need to support student class load.  We are working hard to realize the lowered class size expectations of the tentative new teacher agreement.  While we have a ways to go, the elementary class sizes are looking better in most places, and the junior high school class sizes have improved in many places.  The high school staff continue to adjust the high school master schedule to balance and lower class sizes.  The overall enrollment numbers have been climbing across the district and are now being integrated into the classrooms.

Please note that we will continue to monitor, adjust and post class lists until we have completed the staffing for the coming school year.  I am confident that we will have all students in classrooms with an acceptable class size and with an incredible teacher focused on their teaching and learning needs.  Our support staff are also allocated based on the number of students we have, so rest assured we will be appropriately staffed in support areas as we meet the needs of the 'whole child' in every possible way.
I want to thank you for following this important data with me as it matters to the success of each child in the district.  Please also enjoy this holiday week-end.
Warmest regards,
 /Users/sysmgr/Documents/Class Size Update.txt
Michelle Reid, Ed.D.

Class Size Update David Weikel 2013-09-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Sep 01, 2013
District Reaches Tentative Agreement with SKEA
Posted to South Kitsap School District Website by Michelle Reid at 8/30/2013


For Immediate Release

August30, 2013

South Kitsap School District announces tentative agreement with South Kitsap Education Association

South Kitsap School District (SKSD) and South Kitsap Education Association have reached a tentative agreement. The proposal will be presented to SKEA members for a vote, and then if ratified, presented to the School Board for approval.
“We are very pleased that we were able to reach a tentative agreement with our dedicated and skilled staff in the South Kitsap Education Association,”commented Board President Keith Garton. “I also want to acknowledge the hardwork of the district’s bargaining team.”
President Garton also added that the School Board has directed Superintendent Michelle Reid to work with district stakeholders to continue the focus on rebuilding the district’s reserves and fiscal stability. The Board also expects Dr. Reid to work on the implementation of the recommendations from the recent independent fiscal review.
“We want to thank everyone in the community for your dedication to our school system and your patience as we worked on reaching a tentative agreement. I know both the district and SKEA are united in providing the best education possible for South Kitsap students.”
District Reaches Tentative Agreement with SKEA David Weikel 2013-09-02 00:00:00Z 0
South Kitsap superintendent Dr. Michelle Reid to speak at Sept 3 meeting of Port Orchard Rotary Club David Weikel 2013-09-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Aug 18, 2013
PO Rotary Club Joint Meeting 8/14
An excellent evening of fellowship and comradery, at McCormick Woods clubhouse.

Fellowship 5:30-6:30
Dinner 6:30-7:00
Program 7:00-8:15

Rob Putaansuu Port Orchard city council, SK rotary http://www.cityofportorchard.us/municipality/city-council/meet-the-council/council-position-3
Siroptimists http://www.siportorchard.com/
Kiwanis http://www.kiwanisclubofportorchard.org/public/index.aspx
Christine Daniels, PO Chamber of Commerce http://www.portorchard.com/joomla/ , events http://business.portorchard.com/events/
Port Ochard Police Chief Jeff Maitai http://www.kitsapsun.com/news/2013/apr/19/marti-selected-as-new-port-orchard-police-chief/?partner=RSS#axzz2c04ImhTh
Port Orchard Rotary Club - Jay Villars Engage Rotary, Change Lives. http://www.portorchardrotary.org/
South Kitsap Rotary Club (noon) http://portal.clubrunner.ca/732

Softball challenge Trophy to Rotary of Port Orchard

Meeting Notes from August 14, 2013 David Weikel 2013-08-19 00:00:00Z 0
Rotary Board Minutes, August 13, 2013, Tommy C’s Janis Maracic 2013-08-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Aug 11, 2013

I'm trying to re-establish a weekly enewsletter for our club and am looking to each of you for assistance in material to complete the newsletter: stories, events, speaker bios, etc.

Submissions for the newsletter will be accepted at any time; however I need to have the materials by Friday for the following week's publication. I plan to put the newsletter out Saturday or Sunday for the next week's publication. You can email submissions to me at dweikel@kitsapsun.com. It would really be nice to see lots of pictures; we can even embed video into your story submission!


Yours in Rotary,

David Weikel

Editor's Call for Items for the weekly newsletter (ebulletin) David Weikel 2013-08-12 00:00:00Z 0
Pat Lynns, Recovering Quadriplegic Bike Across America, links from last week's meeting David Weikel 2013-08-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by David Weikel on Aug 10, 2013
8/6 Meeting Notes

invocation, Susan
pledge, Dan
Song Danford
upcoming guest-Susan's sister & speaker

Make ups Brian Jane - SO Lake Tahoe
Frank - Community Service BBQ next week
Wednesday August14 5:30PM - here

anniversaries    Janice,David,Jeff Swan,Leslie R-T,Mark Gruin

Exchange -Jonna arrives Sea Tac Thursday 11:52 AM

Outbound - McKenzie Rill to Croatia (Zagreb) Leaving 24 August meets 4 others

Happy Bucks:  Bill, ?,  Pete, Frank,?, ?, Danford,  Dan,  Bill

Speaker-Patrick Linn,  Youth Minister life Christian School-Tacoma  mission to Dominican Republic accident broke neck indiegogo.com  Quadriplegic Bike Across America  Trike recumbent bike-Spring2015


Raffle- Janice $10

Meeting Notes from January 15, 2013 David Weikel 2013-08-11 00:00:00Z 0
Join us for Port Orchard Rotary's Officer Installation and awards banquet June 18 Pat Oster 2013-05-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Frank Tweten on Apr 17, 2013

Port Orchard Rotary’s Community Service Committee is responsible for the promotion of relationships between Rotary and the community it serves. The committee members review service applications requesting funds from Port Orchard Rotary and oversee the disbursement of funds throughout the Port Orchard community. If you are interested in applying for service assistance, you may download the Grant Guidelines and Application found on our home page in both PDF and Word format in the download section.

What is Community Service for Port Orchard Rotary? Frank Tweten 2013-04-18 00:00:00Z 0
Join us for Wine and Cheese Tuesday April 16th at 5:30 pm Pat Oster 2013-04-15 00:00:00Z 0
Meeting Notes from September 4, 2012 Darek Grant 2012-09-04 00:00:00Z 0
Gotta love those fishing stories Kristy Ewing 2012-07-03 07:00:00Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Feb 13, 2012
Prez Cathy Ecker provided the following recap of the evening:

Bea, wearing angel wings, played Cupid and handed out roses to all the girls.

Invocation by Scott Veach
Pledge by Jay Villars
Song by Danford "You Are My Sunshine"

Sonnie Selbig was thanked for her service with Port Orchard Cares and announced she and Colleen will be passing the touch this year and are actively looking for volunteers to take over.  

Wayne Cohen was thanked for setting up such a wonderful dinner. The menu was wonderful. It was a 4 course meal. Shrimp to start followed by a salad followed by the main entree your choice short ribs or halibut followed by a creme brûlée desert.

Wayne spiced things up with a little Valentine's day trivia accompanied by the pianist, Anthony, whom he'd hired.

The picture is of Wayne C. queuing up the pianist.

Notes from February 14, 2012 - Valentines Day Evening Meeting Kristy Ewing 2012-02-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Dec 05, 2011

Have you ever wondered what a

top hat, Christmas music,

a cougar, your spouse's favorite color

and $10,000 dollars have in common?

If you attended this year's holiday gala you'd know that they all figured into the sights and stories of the evening.


A Festive Evening on the Town for Rotarians Kristy Ewing 2011-12-06 00:00:00Z 0
Meeting Notes for Sep 13, 2011 Bill Evans 2011-09-13 00:00:00Z 0
Port Orchard Rotary annual change of officers Natalie Stokke 2011-06-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on May 14, 2011

What a fabulous event this year thanks to Pat Oster and every Port Orchard Rotary member who worked so hard to make it happen!

Pat, Thank you for being our Chairman this year. Our collective hat is off and tipped to you! See the public service announcement recognizing Pat on facebook. Thank you too to those on the club's board and others who aren't on the board who tirelessly worked alongside you.

"All that Jazz" decorations set the mood for the evening - thank you Karlee Oster for taking the lead and for all those who assisted her.

We had a full house thanks to everyone who bought and hawked tickets, and thanks to Dave Selbig for somehow managing to find a chair for everybody.

Lots of effort went into public relations and marketing to not only get the word out about this event, but also to remind people what it is that Rotary does. A special thanks to past-member Gregg Scott for volunteering to work alongside Kristy Ewing to that end. Thank you to our Dancing Crab (aka Wayne Cohen.) for starring in our first ever YouTube promotion which made 380 impressions via facebook + 141 views on YouTube.

There were lots of good auction items to the credit of all of our members and their inspirational team leaders. Big bucks were shelled out to put together fun vacation prizes. We had pleny of raffle ticket buyers — thanks to Dave Selbig, Ron Hutchinson and a host of young volunteers — for our custom made roulette wheel. Undoubtedly Vana W. has nothing on our Juliette.

At the last minute Brian Lyman gave us a rendering of a very cute playhouse/garden shed which he designed for us to auction. Scott McLendon (McLendon Hardware) donated materials to build that and Brad Smith (CHC Painting) donated painting services. Heads up - We will be seeking volunteers to construct the house.

We had a full wall of wine - again thanks to members for bringing in bottles every week and to Chief Whiner Wayne C.

There was tasty crab this year, restoring our reputation for hosting a good crab feed. The desserts were so unbelievably tempting they did indeed had everyone bidding and dashing to procure their favorite before someone else stole it away.

Check-in, check-out and all things electronic can be a veritable nightmare for anyone holding an auction the size of ours. This year we established a system that promises to improve the process and have secured promises from people who will be back next year to assure continuity. Thank you Susan Veach for pulling an all nighter to make it happen. There were a few dedicated Rotarians practically camping at McCormick Woods before the doors opened.

We even had live music this year. Wow, weren't the No Inhibitions band fabulously jazzy?! - thanks Jack Gallagher.

See photos from this year's event on our facebook page - thanks to soon-to-be-member Natalie Stokke for manning the camera.

There is no way to thank each and every one of the many good souls in our club who faithfully make this event happen — too many of whom go unnamed. You know who you are. An especially big THANK YOU to YOU our unsung heros.

We would be amiss if we neglected to salute those businesses whose sponsorship we could not do without:

Premiere Sponsor: St. Anthony's Hospital

Media Sponsor: The Kitsap Sun

Major Sponsors:
Kitsap Bank
Pacific Asset Management
Kitsap Veterinarian Hospital and Pete Holt
Harrison Hospital

Business Sponsors:
Fisher Distinctive Dentistry
Hutch-Con & Olson Assoc. - Co-Sponsors
Kitsap Business Journal – In Kind
McCormick Woods – In Kind
Orchard Pointe Apartments
Rent-A-Center – In Kind
Southard, Beckham, Atwater & Berry
Westbay Auto Parts

Crab Feed and Auction Kristy Ewing 2011-05-15 00:00:00Z 0
Meeting Notes for March 29, 2011 Kristy Ewing 2011-05-15 00:00:00Z 0
Meeting Notes for April 5, 2011 Catherine Ecker 2011-05-15 00:00:00Z 0
Meeting Notes for April 12, 2011 Ron Richmond 2011-05-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on May 14, 2011
Get this - Before even officially becoming a member Natalie Stokke took notes. Thank you Natalie and welcome. Could we please get this great gal inducted before she gets away? !!
Meeting Notes for May 10, 2011 Kristy Ewing 2011-05-15 00:00:00Z 0
Meeting Notes for April 19, 2011 Bill Evans 2011-05-15 00:00:00Z 0
Save the date — May 7, 2011 — for the jazziest fundraising event in Kitsap County! Kristy Ewing 2011-04-10 00:00:00Z 0
Food Collection and Christmas Wrapping 2010 Kristy Ewing 2011-03-21 23:29:16Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Jan 15, 2011
Paul Nielsen wishes to inform members of our club on behalf of the Nielsen family that a service is set for Niels to be held on January 1, 11:00 AM at Rill Chapel. There will be The Celebration of the Amazing Life of Niels G. Nielsen immediately following at The Clubhouse - McCormick Woods. Rotarians are encouraged to attend.

On Dec 7, 2010 the club paid tribute to Niels by beginning its usual Tuesday meeting in his honor. View a 6 minute video on YouTube.

photo: Niels and Margie in October of 2006 on their 45th anniversary.
Niels Nielsen memorial and celebration Kristy Ewing 2011-01-15 16:44:54Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Jan 15, 2011
The Nielsen family thanks the club for their participation in Niels's memorial service and celebration. Paul Nielsen expressly wants to thank Brad Smith for officiating the Rotary meeting, Tim Thomson for a touching innvocation, Jim Avery for sharing a list of make-ups that Niels made in Rotary clubs and conventions around the world, and Kristy Ewing for a brief "classification talk - eulogy". Also thanks to Bob Cairns for sharing the slide show which was originally created for Niel's Lifetime Achievement award ceremony.

Paul Nielsen would also like to make sure Rotarians were aware of the Kitsap Sun article about the event.

Last photo of Niels taken while on Rhine river cruise with Margie.
Niels Nielsen memorial and celebration - follow up Kristy Ewing 2011-01-15 16:44:12Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Jan 15, 2011
Sometimes it's not all just about doing good deeds. Like Santa Claus even Rotarians need to kick up their heels. Our club did this in style at its annual holiday party with Mr. & Mrs. Claus. Members had their photo taken with Santa - some members came back multiple times for photos (they really wanted to make sure that Santa knew what they wanted for Christmas). Everyone enjoyed a fun filled evening socializing, even singing. Campy presents were handed out poking light fun at good humored members. An amateurish wreath and swag were auctioned off "for the children". Jeez, Jody you missed your chance to see how wreaths are really made. Enjoy photo memories of the evening on our facebook page.

photo: Santa took delight in giving our exchange student Juliette Evinhaus a glowing red nose like Rudolf's.
Rotarians kick back and enjoy the holidays Kristy Ewing 2011-01-15 16:43:29Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Jan 15, 2011
The first meeting in December began on a sad note due to the passing of a much beloved fellow Rotarian. Prez Brad read a tribute, written in his own words that encapsulated how well regarded Niels was (read that in its entirety here). Tim Thomson provided a moving innvocation. This was followed by the pledge of allegiance led by Bob Cairns which was done "Niels style". That is to say, "...with liberty and justice FOR ALL!" Kristy Ewing led members in a Danish Toast. Pat Oster, with his amazing voice led us in song to America the Beautiful. Some of this was captured on video which can be viewed on our club website here.
Meeting Notes for December 7, 2010 Kristy Ewing 2011-01-15 16:43:04Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Jan 15, 2011
Guest speaker Detective Martin presented a program informing members how to protect themselves from being victims of identity theft and fraud. See below.
Meeting Notes for November 9, 2010 Kristy Ewing 2011-01-15 16:42:48Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Jan 15, 2011
Bob Cairns would like the club to be aware that Ralph Munro, former Secretary of State (Washington) and dedicated Rotarian has fallen ill. What began as a collapsed lung led to 2 surgeries and several setbacks. His recovery has been slow and wrought with concern but ultimately optimistic. The family hopes that he'll be able to return home soon.

Bob and Chris Cairns traveled with Ralph Munro in Africa very recently. They worked side-by-side providing humanitarian service through Rotary.

To stay current on Ralph's status and to make donations to Caring Bridge go to their website. There is a page for Ralph which the family uses to post updates on his recovery. To access information you will be asked to create an account (no fee). Ralph Munro status on CaringBridge.com
Ralph Munro, dedicated Rotarian falls ill Kristy Ewing 2011-01-15 16:42:17Z 0
Port Orchard Rotary mourns the loss of much loved, longtime member Niels G. Nielsen. Kristy Ewing 2011-01-15 16:41:56Z 0
Baseball Game with South Kitsap Rotary Club Kristy Ewing 2011-01-15 16:40:56Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Jan 15, 2011
Sean Smith sent out the following message via email to members in lieu of the Backwards Golf Tournament being canceled. Proceeds from the Golf Tourney were earmarked for the Backpacks for Homeless Program. Helping this program is a no brainer. Please note the ways in which you can contribute.
Backpacks for Homeless program needs you Kristy Ewing 2011-01-15 16:40:38Z 0
Susan Veach to represent our club in Bolivia Susan Veach 2011-01-15 16:40:19Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Jan 15, 2011
The Rotary Club of Port Orchard, at an event held in his honor, presented Niels G. Nielsen with a Lifetime Achievement award. Niels is world renowned, a Rotarian who has traveled the globe extensively for international humanitarian projects and Rotary events.

The award was the first such award ever given by our club, and the first time an entire evening was dedicated to recognize just one individual's lifetime commitment to Rotary.
Niels Nielsen - Lifetime Achievement Recognition Kristy Ewing 2011-01-15 16:40:00Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Jan 15, 2011
Andrew Cain, Darek Grant and Scott Logan, along with PTA volunteers weeded around the new landscaping at Cedar Heights School. Port Orchard Rotary collaborated with the school to install the landscaping, which included tons of bricks.
Cedar Heights School project Kristy Ewing 2011-01-15 16:39:43Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Jan 14, 2011

Norm and Bess Olson's grandson, son of Robert Baglio, appeared on primetime tv a couple of months ago with his a cappella group Groove For Thought. The gifted Brennan Baglio has been singing since he was a youngster. Groove for Thought rocked the house with a couple of great performances on NBC's Sing Off contest.

The group played at Benaroya Hall on Jan 14. Due to an unprecedented response from Seattle fans, Square Peg Concerts has added an additional performance at Benaroya Hall.

Friday, February 18, 2011
200 University Street
Seattle, WA 98101-3428
Ticket Information

To know when and where Groove for Thought is performing see their website.

Also see the article in the Sammamish Review.

Brennan's father Robert Baglio and grandfather Norm Olson are members of Port Orchard Rotary.

Brennan Baglio performs on primetime tv Kristy Ewing 2011-01-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Brian Sauer on Jan 14, 2011

Thank you Brian Sauer for taking notes.

Brad Smith, Port Orchard Rotarian, is alive and well!, unlike the Bremerton Rotarian that was in the obituaries.

Meeting Notes for January 11, 2011 Brian Sauer 2011-01-15 00:00:00Z 0
Meeting Notes for January 4, 2011 Brian Lyman 2011-01-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Dec 06, 2010
Rotary International and the Port Orchard Rotary club has lost a great Rotarian in Niels G. Nielsen. On Tuesday December 7, 2010 the club paid tribute to Niels at the beginning of its weekly meeting. President Brad Smith officiated.

A tribute to Port Orchard Rotary's Niels G. Nielsen Kristy Ewing 2010-12-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Nov 07, 2010
Last week fellow Rotarian Dave Selbig underwent surgery to remove a cranky gall bladder. Am happy to report that he's recovering quickly. Sonnie tells me Dave came through surgery just fine and is bouncing back as expected... although she was perplexed by his lack of appetite. It's the first time she's ever known Dave not to have one. (And you know they've been together forever.) Even though techniques have improved over the years this is still considered major surgery, but don't expect Dave to lay around for long. If he decides that he is Superman and shows up at Tuesday morning's meeting - DO NOT let him lift anything!

By the way, his surgery was only a few days after making the haul to E WA last week to pick up apples with Brian and Steve.

Dave, we're sure glad you got that taken care of, now will you get off your behind and do something?
Dave Selbig bounces well. Kristy Ewing 2010-11-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Nov 07, 2010
Editor's note: Bob Cairns sent the following message to a few members, which President Brad asked me to publish in our newsletter. I had to reformat it to flow correctly in the newsletter, but other than that am posting it unedited. - Kristy
Message from Bob Cairns in Uganda Kristy Ewing 2010-11-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Nov 07, 2010
Rotarians showed their volunteer spirit again this year by donating 2,132 pounds of premium Red Delicious apples to the South Kitsap Helpline food bank. Brian Sauer, David Selbig and Steve Hutchins drove over the pass Monday to eastern Washington to pick up the apples in Brian's truck. They then delivered the 49 cases of apples to South Kitsap Helpline in Port Orchard despite a torrential downpour Monday afternoon. Read more on the Kitsap Sun
Photo of Steve Hutchins and Brian Sauer.
See more photos on facebook.
Club delivers one ton of apples to Helpline Kristy Ewing 2010-11-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Nov 07, 2010
Congratulations to Brad Smith for being recognized as one of "40 under Forty". He's quoted as saying that, "His proudest moment was being installed as president of Port Orchard Rotary". The club is fortunate to have you as our President this year! Read more...
Brad Smith recognized as one of "Kitsap Peninsula’s best" Kristy Ewing 2010-11-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing on Oct 17, 2010
Here's an update on the "auction puppy" Huey that Sean, Colleen and Katelyn won at Port Orchard Rotary's annual crab feed and auction. While still a "baby" Huey is one healthy and large puppy! Daddy Sean reports that Huey is "big and uncoordinated – but sweet". See pictures on our facebook page.
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Posted by Kristy Ewing on Oct 17, 2010
As part of a Rotary district wide effort to raise public awareness of Rotary, Kristy Ewing met with Port Orchard Independent publisher Rich Peterson. Port Orchard Rotary club intends to embark on a combined advertising and public service information campaign. Rich and Kristy enjoyed a cup of coffee together at Tully's on Sept. 22nd. Rich shared examples of previous Rotary press releases and ads, some of which recieved recognition at a District 5030 Conference.

The club will embark on a series of PSA / ads that feature local Rotarians.
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Soroptimist International of Port Orchard - Holly Daze Craft Show Kristy Ewing 2010-10-18 00:00:00Z 0
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Posted by David Weikel

ImageMembers of the Rotary Club and Soroptimists International of Port Orchard, including family members, distributed gifts and food to assist families and numerous individual senior citizens — adopted from South Kitsap Helpline.

Distribution took place Saturday 21 December at the 18th Annual Port Orchard Cares Christmas event at the South Kitsap Fire and Rescue Station No. 7 on Tremont Avenue.

Inside one room of the fire station were more than 30 volunteers wrappings gifts assigned for the families. There was an information sheet for each family with includes ages and sizes of the children.

For review, Here's who we helped.

Rotary Club Chair Dave Selbig said the program will help 29 families and 13 senior citizens. “This year’s Christmas shines brighter for 26 families, three military families and 13 seniors,” Selbig said. “This includes 67 children who will receive at least three gifts each.” He said a total of 135 people received all the fixings for Christmas dinner including turkey or ham, vegetables, potatoes, stuffing, pies and more.

In case you missed it, you can read the Port Orchard Independant write up here: Port Orchard Cares 2013. Really nice write up by editor DANNIE OLIVEAUX.

Thanks to All Rotarians, Siroptimists, Friends, for helping make this project a great success, but most of all, thanks to the people of Port Orchard for their generosity to help others!

Port Orchard Cares: Rotarians, Soroptimists distribute food, gifts for needy families David Weikel 0
Speaker, January 7, 2014, Patricia Hennessy, Youth Wellness Campus in Bremerton David Weikel 0
Port Orchard Lighting at the Roundabout David Weikel 0
District Governor Message – December 2013. December is FAMILY month David Weikel 0
Today's Meeting, October 15, 2013 David Weikel 0
Board meeting Tuesday night 9/10, 5:30 PM at Everybody's David Weikel 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing

Join us for our annual crab feed & auction!

March 16, 2013 - 5PM. Price $75 per person.

Tickets are going fast so contact Dave Selbig today at 360.871.3823 to purchase your tickets and reserve seats.

This year's theme — Port Orchard Rotary Embracing the World — celebrates the many wonderful and worthy international projects that our club and members participate in.


Annual Crab Feed & Auction - March 16, 2013 Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing


A message from President Pat Oster regarding winter weather.

This time of year is always a gamble with weather. For the safety of all Rotarians, for the remainder of Pat Oster's term as President if it snows and schools in South Kitsap are delayed and/or cancelled, there will not be a Rotary meeting. So if it snows, listen to the school reports on television and the radio and if there is a school delay or canceling, stay in bed and keep warm.
If it snows - a meeting we will go - or no? Kristy Ewing 0
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Posted by Kristy Ewing

Despite the cold sidewalks our guys and gals showed up with warm hearts and once again proved how much we care!

Thank you to all who donate their time for our annual food drive. Below is a photo of Brad Smith's daughter Bailey at Safeway and another photo from QFC where 4 carts filled up in just 2 hours! Bob Cairns was caught donating a full cart of food himself. Thank you one and all!



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Posted by Kristy Ewing

The annual game between our club and South Kitsap Rotary club started with Star Spangled Banner. Great game. Lots of fun! No serious injuries. Thanks to the noon club for providing hot dogs on the grill and for keeping us challenged. BTW - They whooped us again. There's always next year...
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Posted by Kristy Ewing
Wayne Cohen informs us that 288 yds of dirt were removed from the baseball fields at Rotary park. The same amount was replaced with a clay/sand mixture. The cost was $15,000. Contractor Ron Choate, donated the “xtra” 88 yds not originally budgeted for.

The dirt on Rotary Kristy Ewing 0
Upcoming Events - mark your calendar! Kristy Ewing 0
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Posted by Kristy Ewing
We are not certain who to thank for the notes taken at this meeting. Rumor is that Janis Maracic perhaps took them? Thank you. In the future please include your name on the notes so we'll know who to credit.
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Posted by Kristy Ewing
In the March 20th minutes we reported that Jim Civilla had new twins, but in fact he does not. Jim Carmichael does have twin grandbabies. Congratulations to both of you. ;-)
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Posted by Kristy Ewing
Thank you Andrew Cain for taking notes.

Note from editor: On this day there was ice and snow on the ground in several areas around Port Orchard. Prez Cathy tells me the turn out was low as a result, but the program was very interesting. She says, "Afterward Doug Richards coordinated a photo op for the fire and rescue levy for the paper."
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Posted by Kristy Ewing
This year's Rotary House, although short of siding is looking good on the outside!

Rotary House Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing

"The Dean of Destiny", Patrick Snow will speak to the Port Orchard Rotary club on January 24. Patrick Snow is an international best-selling author, professional keynote speaker, publishing and book marketing coach, and Internet entrepreneur. Snow has been featured on the cover of of USA Today and in The New York Times. Be sure to mark your calendars to attend this meeting.


Coming Soon - International Best-Selling Author Patrick Snow! Kristy Ewing 0
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Posted by Kristy Ewing

Our club has a small fish hatchery on Karcher creek. Annually a team of Rotarians will fertilize fish eggs and incubate them until they are big enough to be released into the creek. December marks the beginning of a new cycle. Seen here with students are Rotarians Brian Sauer, Dave Selbig and Pat Oster.



Rotary Fish Hatchery project Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing
There will not be a meeting on December 27th. I presume we will resume our regular meetings on January 31st, unless we hear otherwise. - Kristy
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Posted by Kristy Ewing

The Apple run is successfully completed for yet another year. Brian Sauer, Steve Hutchins and Dave Selbig drove to eastern washington and back to deliver 2000# of Red Delicious apples to Helpline by 5pm December 20th.

Great job to the Apple Team!


Another successful apple run for Helpline Kristy Ewing 0
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Posted by Kristy Ewing

As per tradition a group of stalwart Rotarians arrived early on a Saturday morning to decorate the round-about. Many were puzzled by how the Chinese managed to package the lights so tightly that they were almost impossible to unravel. Donuts and coffee were available for volunteers. Everyone was pleased to have Margie Nielsen join us to help decorate. The round-about is named in honor of Margie's late husband Niels, a dedicated Rotarian.

Photo by Kristy Ewing: Steve Krecker, Dave Selbig, Margie Nielsen, Don DeMers, Susan Veach and Wayne Cohen. See more photos on our facebook page.


Decking out the round-about Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing

Last Saturday December 17th Rotarian and Soroptimist elves turned out with bells on to wrap up our annual Port Orchard Cares project.

Many thanks to Sean & Colleen Smith and Dave & Sonnie Selbig for organizing the food and gift collection, food storage, gift wrapping and distribution! This event requires much attention to detail and careful planning to pull off and it could not be done without them.

It was great to see Tim Kelly from the Port Orchard Independent at the event taking photos. Be sure to read the resulting article in the Port Orchard Independent online.

President Cathy Ecker snapped a picture of a few elves resting on the back of a fire truck. L to R. Shawn (Ron Hutchinson's wife), Kristy Ewing, Brad Smith, Leslie Reynolds-Taylor and Valarie Pettigrew.


Santa's elves wrap up Port Orchard Cares Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing

A good time was had by all who attended the Jingle Bell Walk/Run to raise funds and awareness of Juvenile Arthritis. Valarie Pettigrew reports that those who particapted on the Port Orchard Rotary team brought in $470. Good job team! Thank you Wayne Cohen for showing up as our club mascot CRABBY! Photos of some of our participants can be viewed on our facebook page.


left to right: Sheila Cline / event organizer with Rotarians Kristy Ewing, Valarie Pettigrew / club champion, Wayne Cohen as Crabby and Natalie Stokke.

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Posted by Kristy Ewing

Danford Moore shared this photo of his grandkids dressed as skunks a few meetings ago. They are Bronwyn's children. Danford referred to them as "the little stinkers".


Danford Moore's "little stinkers" Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing

The following message came to me from Wayne Senter the day after our Christmas party. Congratulations!

Kim and I missed our Rotary Holiday banquet because we were at the hospital. Brooklyn Bailee Robinson was born at 4:20 PM December 6, 2011 at St. Joes in Tacoma she is 7 lbs, 6 ozs and 21 inches long. Everyone is healthy and mom and Brooke should be home today! Please feel free to share with our Rotary membership…regards, Wayne


Senters too busy being grandparents to party Kristy Ewing 0
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Posted by Kristy Ewing
The rumor - via facebook - is that Brad Potter is doing much better now after a 2 week stint in the hospital. We're glad! Hope to see you back at the meetings soon Brad.
Brad Potter doing better - thankfully! Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing

Wayne Senter sent an attachment to friends today regarding his granddaughter Olivia LeeAnn Robinson. With his blessings I am summarizing the note to share with club members. Although our club, and Rotary in general does not make a practice of contributing to funds for personal causes or needs, members are certainly encouraged to lend a hand to fellow Rotarians and their families whenever they see a need that can be addressed.

On a personal note - Wayne Senter's grandchild Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing

Port Orchard Rotary has a long standing tradition of showing just how much Port Orchard Cares via a cause by the same name. Together with Soroptimist members we gather food and gifts, then wrap and distribute them. This is a finely orchestrated event which can only be achieved with the direction of a few very dedicated individuals. For the past few years Colleen Smith, wife of Sean Smith, along with her husband and Dave and Sonnie Selbig have played lead elves in Rotary's, er, um Santa's workshop.

Next time you spy these elves working offstage be sure to make a point of thanking them for all their good work!

Checking the list twice. Photo of Sean & Colleen from 2008 by Kristy Ewing


Ho Ho Ho - Can you believe it's getting to be that time of year again - already?! Kristy Ewing 0
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Posted by Kristy Ewing
Here's a list of volunteer and social activities for the months of November and December. If you are aware of other Rotary related events that should be added to this list please contact me. Thanks! - Kristy
What's happening? Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing

Rotarians and Soroptimists joined company to collect food and accept monetary donations at local stores on Saturday, November 19th. This massive effort dubbed Port Orchard Cares is coordinated by some very capable people in both clubs. A big thank you and hoo-rah to Sonnie (current President of Soroptimists) and David Selbig! Thanks to all members who braved the cold to help and to those who helped construct temporary shelving at the Fire Station.

We will collect food again on December 3rd. Please contact Dave Selbig to volunteer. Call 360-871-3823 or email Dave.


Photo of volunteer Rose Nitz provided by Wayne Senter. Rose is the daughter of Soroptimist Leah Nitz.

Port Orchard Cares Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Christopher Beckham

Thank you to Chris Beckham for taking notes.

Thank you to Susan Veach for manning the technical equipment for today's program, a suprise visit from Juliette via Skype. Thank you Sean Smith for the photo of today's program - our mystery guest Juliette.


Meeting Notes for Nov. 15, 2011 Christopher Beckham 0
Posted by Sean Smith

Thank you Sean Smith for taking notes! Sean also scanned in handouts from today's meeting that provide in-depth details about hospice care in general, Hospice of Kitsap County, and a special hospice program especially for veterans. I made some changes to the website which will allow us to download files directly from the home page.

- Kristy Ewing

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Posted by Kristy Ewing

Join other Port Orchard Rotary club members for a fun winter afternoon and support Juvenile Arthritis at the same time!

Members interested in joining a team of fellow Rotarians in the Jingle Bell Walk/Run please sign up here: http://tinyurl.com/Rotary-JingleBell

The event takes place on December 3, 2011. It's a 5k walk/run coordinated around the Festival of Lights and Chimes in Port Orchard. 2:00 start.

Valarie Pettigrew has started a team page for us at the link above. Follow the link, and once on the page just click the "Join the Team" link, fill out the form and donate at least $20. The form asks for your team ID. Fill in Port Orchard Rotary AM.

Jingle Bell Walk / Run with your fellow club members Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing

You know how time flies as you age? How many times have we had a new exchange student whose arrival is quickly followed by their departure? Or so it seems. For them it's a much longer year, one that they'll remember and cherish the rest of their lives.

Get to know Bea Quezada Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing

This coming weekend Port Orchard Rotary will begin selling Washingtonians favorite beverage - COFFEE! Come see us at our booth at Holly Daze Craft and Gift Show in the Town Square Mall (aka S. Kitsap Mall), Saturday 9-5. Sunday 11-4.

Goodwill and Better Friendships holiday blend is the first of 3 different roasts that will be available through the club. It is a rich dark roast perfect for long winter days, and holiday gatherings. Bags are vacupressured to preserve freshness. Buy whole beans or ground - $13 each.


Port Orchard Rotary sells coffee for a cause beginning this weekend Kristy Ewing 0
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Posted by Kristy Ewing

The much awaited firesides are happening! Pete Holt and Steve Hutchins have been busy putting together a schedule and have paired hosts with guests throughout the coming year. The schedule can be accessed in our club documents online here. It contains names, phone numbers and email addresses of all who have signed up to participate. Contact Steve or Pete if you have any questions:

Steve & Dianne Hutchins 360.871.1257

Pete and Kathy Holt 360.871.3677

Firesides schedule for 2011-12 Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing

The Soroptimists will be having their annual Holly Daze Craft and Gift Show on October 29th and 30th. Doors open at 9:00AM on Saturday, 11:00AM Sunday. Event will be at the Towne Square Mall (aka South Kitsap Mall) on Mile Hill. Admission is only $1 per person or a can of food for donation to the SK Helpline foodbank. See their facebook page, Contact Debbie Austin 871-0100 or Sharron King 871-1805.


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Posted by Kristy Ewing
Leslie Reynolds hosted an informal get-together for the women of our club at her beach front home early September. We gathered outside on her little slice of paradise on Watagua Beach and enjoyed a splendid view of Mt. Rainier as the sun went down. Everyone chose a unique glass to use for their evening refreshment from Leslie's extensive collection of colorful stemware. The gathering provided a perfect opportunity for some of the more long time Rotarian ladies to spend time with the new gals and to share stories about the history of women in Rotary. Representive Jan Angel joined Dee Marie, Natalie Stokke, Valarie Pettigrew and myself. We were joined for awhile by Leslie's brother and sister-in-law who live next door.
2nd Ladies of Rotary get-together Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing

President Cathy and Justin announce the birth of their son Owen. He was born on 9-11-11 at 8:20 am, weighs 8lbs 1oz and is 20.5 inches long.

Past President Brad Smith is filling in for Cathy as she recoups.

Welcome Owen Austin Ecker-Travatte Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Brad Smith
Thank you to Brad Smith for taking notes. Today was Brad's first meeting NOT as President. Today was Cathy Ecker's first meeting officiating as President.
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Posted by Kristy Ewing

Brad Smith is the first of our members to appear is a series of public service announcements for the club. Thank you Brad Smith for your outstanding leadership to Rotary and your service to the community of Port Orchard!

See the ad in this week's Port Orchard Independent newspaper.

Brad Smith is the first to appear in clubs' PSA campaign Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing
On Monday evening June 20th at 5 PM Port Orchard Rotary will have its annual installation of officers and directors. President Brad Smith will step down and Cathy Ecker will preside this coming year beginning July 1. Join us for refreshments staritng at 5, dinner will be served at 6 at McCormick Woods. If you haven't already indicated that you want to attend please contact Dave Selbig.
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Posted by Kristy Ewing
On Friday afternoon June 10 all female Port Orchard Rotary members were invited to join Kristy Ewing at Amy's By the Bay for a casual get-together and to welcome new members. All who made it agreed it was fun and that we would definitely want to do it again. Ladies stay tuned - guys beware. Photo left to right: Jacqui Curtis, Leslie Reynolds, Kristy Ewing, Valarie Pettgrew, Cathy Ecker.
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Posted by Kristy Ewing

Port Orchard Rotary is very proud of its annual contribution to students in our community towards their advanced education. Each year we carefully review and select students to be awarded. Although we regret not being able to recognize more of the many deserving students we are pleased to assist those we can. Awards and checks were given to selected students at the club's weekly meeting on May 31, 2011.

Dennis Bonneville, Chairman of the Port Orchard Rotary Academic Committee announced and awarded Port Orchard Rotary's Academic Scholarship recipients with checks at the club's weekly meeting. He was joined by those who assisted him in the selection process; Brian Lyman and Jody Greseth. Brian Lyman represented the club by announcing the same awards at South Kitsap High School's Laurels event.

Jim Civilla announced the recipients of the Phil Grey and Bob Price memorial scholarships. Brian Lyman announced the Vocational Scholarship.

Don Cox is involved in the selection process for the Maynard Lumberg scholarship along with Bill Evans. Don told a little about the history of this particular scholarship. He noted that Maynard himself may not have qualified for his own award when compared with the outstanding students who are selected. Academics aside these students embody Maynard's enthusiasm. Don introduced Maynard's daughter Janet Lumberg Pugh who in turn paid tribute to her father, the award's namesake. Janet then introduced the recipients of that award.

Some parents, grandparents and friends attended the morning breakfast meeting to share the moment with their recipients.

The awards are as follows:

Port Orchard Rotary club announces scholarship recipients for 2011 Kristy Ewing 0
Meeting Notes for May 31, 2011 Jim Avery 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing

This announcement is brought to us from Wayne Senter, with the following note:

While I appreciate that we [as a Rotary club] don't committ politically, this is more of a community event for a friend and a trusted citizen activist.

thanks, Wayne

Invitation to kickoff event Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing

June 20 - Monday - Evening Event. Annual Installation of new President and Directors Banquet.

June 21 - Tuesday - NO morning meeting.

September 16 - Apple Core Cup - a fundraising golf tournament pitting Udub (University of Washington) Husky fans against Wazzu (Washington State University) Cougar fans. Proceeds to be earmarked for scholarships to both schools. See Wayne Cohen for details.

Upcoming Events Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing
Brian Sauer, our faithful fisheries friend again released salmon into Sinclair Inlet with the help of David Selbig and grandson Jake. See photos on our facebook page.
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Posted by Kristy Ewing
Here is a special opportunity for young people from Port Orchard to live and study in a foreign country. Both the Port Orchard Rotary club and South Kitsap Rotary club — will each sponsor one inbound and one outbound student during the 2011-2012 school year.  Both clubs are currently taking applications for next year's outbound students. The application deadline is October 6th.

For more information please contact: Ron Hutchinson at 360-710-2380, or Dr. Chris Bock at 360-649-3177.
South Kitsap Rotary clubs seek exchange students Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing
Another backwards game of golf is scheduled for September 28 - after the regular morning meeting at McCormick Woods. Those who played last year had a great time so... Be sure to invite your friends, colleagues and clients to play too! Contact Rick Seward or Wayne Cohen, or just call the golf shop to field your team 360.895.0130.
Backwards Golf September 28th Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing
Port Orchard Rotary on facebook. Our fan club on facebook is increasing - we have 80 facebook people who regularly "like" us. This week we posted information about our guest speaker Nick Slepko and about our new exchange student Juliette. You don't have to have a facebook account to view the photos and read the posts. See our group photo with Juliette on facebook.
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Installation of officers makes the news Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing
Remember that cute little puppy that Sean and Colleen Smith won at the auction? This picture is several weeks old now. Reports are that the pooch will be a giant. The puppy sometimes accompanies Sean to the office and languors contently while Sean works.
auction puppy Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing
On June 23rd, 2010 Port Orchard Rotary club installed new officers for the current Rotary year which began July 1st. Past President Wayne Cohen passed the reigns to incoming President Brad Smith at an evening meeting. Members of the new board was sworn into service by retired judge Dan Phillips.
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Photos from Castaway Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing
Birth Announcement: Cathy Ecker and Justin's baby Allison was born 3/30/09 - at 2:19pm - 7lbs 13oz. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Baby Allison Kristy Ewing 0
Niels Nielsen recognition gets press Kristy Ewing 0
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Posted by Kristy Ewing
Castaway, Crab Island crab feed and auction. Port Orchard Rotary club's annual fundraiser - will be held this year on May 1st, 2010. For tickets please contact Laurie Stearns 360-443-3550. It's not too late to be a sponsor - please contact Brad Smith 360-895-5696.
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Posted by Kristy Ewing
In the summer of 1903 WW Seymour graciously allowed a group of youth from the Tacoma YMCA to camp on his farm property on Balch's Cove (now known as Glen Cove).

The relationship between the Tacoma YMCA and W.W. Seymour grew, and two summers later, in 1905, YMCA camping for local Tacoma boys officially began with one tent on the same part of Seymour's property where Camp Seymour now stands. The following summer, 16 boys enjoyed a two-week camping experience, learning outdoor skills, cooking, swimming and sleeping under the stars. The first crude cookhouse/dining pavilion was constructed in 1908 with over 60 boys in ten tents attending camp that summer. In our first 100 years YMCA Camp Seymour has grown significantly in facilities and service. During 2003 over 12,500 youth, teens and families through outdoor and environmental education, summer camping, family camps, and contracted user groups were served.

[above text and photo excerpted from the YMCA Camp Seymour website]
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Classification Talk - Laurie Stearns Kristy Ewing 0
Classification Talk - Brian Lyman Kristy Ewing 0
Classification Talk - Brad Smith Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing
Time to put on our buffs and start forming strategies for this year's auction — Survivor Port Orchard Island! The race is on to get sponsors and donations. The event is May 1st, again to be held at the Clubhouse at McCormick Woods.
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Posted by Kristy Ewing
Port Orchard Mayor Lary Coppola presents a "State of the City" address to the members of Port Orchard Rotary on February 9th, 2010.
Mayor Lary Coppola Program Kristy Ewing 0
Posted by Kristy Ewing
What really happened to Amelia Earhart? On January 26th members entertained the many theories that have evolved over time, as to the disappearance of Amelia.
Amelia Earhart Program Kristy Ewing 0
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Tacoma Rotary is 100 years old! Kristy Ewing 0
$10 - Haiti donation thru Shelterbox Kristy Ewing 0
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Robb Osborn was born in Dexter IA, in an 800 person farming community, 35 mi west of DesMoines. He worked on a farm while in HS, feeding pigs, milking cows, and weeding corn and soybean rows.

Robb is a retired doctor and a new member of Port Orchard Rotary.
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Mitch Morey Jr. is a proud new father! Chrystal gave birth on December 9th, 2009 to Maguire Morey. 7lbs. 9oz., 19 inches. (photo of Maguire at 7 weeks).

The club welcomes new member Laurie Stearns!
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A fond farewell to our waitress Hannah Spool. Hannah will have a bit part in the Season Premiere, third year, of the series Leverage on TNT. She says to "look for her wearing all black." Wayne gave her an Oscar moment at the podium in which he presented her with a card that was signed by members and a check, thanking her for putting up with us. Hannah was very grateful. (picture of card for Hannah - the oscar has her name on the base as "Best Waitress")
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Our speaker today was the club's own Dave La Rose, Superintendent of South Kitsap School District. David exemplifies the school's mission of:

"Nurturing growth,
Inspiring achievement,
Building community"
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Our speaker on January 5th was Paula J. Hammond, P.E. Secretary of Transportation for the State of Washington

Paula J. Hammond, was appointed by Gov. Christine Gregoire in 2007 and leads the Washington State Department of Transportation, an agency of 7,100 employees that operate, maintain and build state highways. WSDOT is more than just a "highways' department, Paula's responsibilities are truly multi-modal as well as multi-dimensional. She leads and oversees the Washington State Ferry system, the nation's largest, WSDOT Aviation, Public Transit, Amtrak Cascades and Freight. WSDOT is responsible for the operation, maintenance and construction of improvements on over 7000 centerline miles of highway and 3500 bridges. Paula's leadership focus at WSDOT is on public accountability, project delivery, open communications with the public, and the quest for efficiency in the use of transportation facilities and in the agency's own business practices.

[bio excerpted from WSDOT website]
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On December 19th members joined together with the Soroptimists to wrap presents and prepare food care packages. We met at the Tremont Fire Station. Always a heartwarming experience, it's also an amazing fete.
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At our annual Holiday social, the club enjoyed the beautiful music of local artists, the Magical Strings. Pam and Philip Boulding played Christmas and celtic music. Philip Boulding's craftsmanship of fine musical instruments, particularly harps, is world renown. CD's of their music are available on their website - Magical Strings. Also see their concert calender.
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Since today's meeting follows the annual Holiday Party and happens to be at a time when many people are traveling for the holidays, attendance was low. However, it was an intimate meeting in which we made time for members to share with us the traditions that are unique to their family.
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President Wayne began the meeting with a funny Adam Sandler recording about Hanukkah. He also announced today that our club raised $615 during the fine program at the annual Christmas party. Those funds will go towards our fundraising effort for Helpline. Good job fellow Rotarians!
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Rotarians have been plenty busy volunteering these last few weeks. We have one final big push for the season... Please mark your calendars for this Saturday, Dec 19th, 9:00AM because that is when we'll begin moving the food to the loading area. Gift wrapping will begin at 10:00AM. Sean says we should be done around 1:45PM.
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Prez Wayne Cohen won't be able to sleep until he can find his nighty night bedtime story book! Has anyone seen his Dr. Seuss book?
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Our program on Nov 24th was presented by the Association of Washington Business and addressed the Health Care Reform Bill.
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Niels and Margie Nielsen attended the meeting at Fredriksberg-Mariendal Rotary club, Copenhagen, Denmark on 12th of November 2009. Niels is shown giving the Port Orchard Rotary club's banner to club president Tove C. Asby.
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December 8th will be our club's annual holiday social. Please bring fresh fruit to donate. Will be at the Clubhouse at McCormick Woods. 5:30 social. 6:15 dinner. Bring a bag of fruit and receive 2 drink tickets! Our donations will be delivered the following morning to Helpline Food Bank by David Selbig. Entertainment to be (I think) Magical Strings of Olalla. There will NOT be a meeting that morning.
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"Riding4hope coast to coast" On November 3rd, 2009 David Mackovjak and his twin sons visited the club to tell about their cause, and of their long bicycle ride to promote that cause.
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This week I had the pleasure of spending part of a day with David and Sonni Selbig. With a donation of $1,000 we went shopping for warm winter clothing to give to the residents at Retsil Veterans Home.
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Laura Daugereau, a dog-sled musher spoke to the club about her Iditarod experiences, her life, her speaking engagements and her dogs.
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Our club is "giving back" to the community in a big way! Today Sean Smith announced a 3-year, $10,000 commitment to the development of the South Kitsap Skate Park. Also we gave the SKHS band $1,000 to go march in the Rose Bowl Parade.
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Today's meeting began differently, with a 1969 recording of Red Skelton as he recited the pledge of allegiance slowly and with his own interjections, after which members recited it with Red. The video was brought to us by Steve Krecker.
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Niels and Margie Nielsen attended Jeffersonville Rotary Club in Indiana, on Tuesday September 29, 2009. Pictured here are Niels, Bill Odgen and Bob Johnston. The club had an assembly and some classification talks. 
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Our exchange student Bara has a blog to chronicle her adventures here. It is called Baru's Journeys and you can see it here. It has many of her great pictures - really she does show a talent for taking pictures. Good luck trying to read it though!
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Bill Evans' last minute Happy Buck. Long after Happy Bucks were delivered Bill recalled a message he had received from his daughter. Kelley happened to run into Jake Locker, the starting quarterback for the University of Washington Huskies one evening. She sent the photo of her and Jake to her dad via cell phone which he discovered later that evening. Bill happily issued happy dollars for this fun announcement.
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Today's meeting featured a $750 check to Sally Santana and a face-off between Amy Igloi-Matsuno and Fred Chang who are running for a Port Orchard City council seat which is currently held by Chang.
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September 29th many members and friends played golf - backwards - as a fun fund raising effort for Sally Santana's Homeless Relief Cause. We raised $750! Weather cooperated by not raining cats and dogs, but did offer "kitties and puppies" as forecasted by Wayne Cohen. The sun even peeked through the clouds several times. After the game, prizes were given for various golfing achievements, many of which were tongue-in-cheek like the backwards play strategy of the game. Thank you to all who participated and especially to Rick Seward and Jeff Mehlert for championing the effort. Well done!
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New member inducted - Welcome Robert Osborn. Robert is a retired physician who says he has thought of joining Rotary for a long time. Retirement has afforded him the chance to do so. He looks forward to being of service and will be on the World Community Service Committee. Robert and his wife Jean are residents of McCormick Woods. Members, please take a moment to meet Robert and welcome him to our club.
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Posted by Jim Civilla
Jeff Jahns was Born in Wisconsin but grew up in Tacoma - going to Geiger School, then graduating from Wilson High. He was a self proclaimed nerd (he drove a Corvair Wagon) and the only time he was in trouble was when he did a project on The Stairway to Heaven in Pop Culture Class. The teacher was impressed until she heard the last part of the song.

He married his high school sweetheart Terry after graduating from college because she wouldn't marry him until he graduated.
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Thank you Jim Civilla for taking meeting notes. He wrote, "Here are my notes -- I kept forgetting to write things down as they were happening!"

That's okay Jim, after serving more than the usual amount of time as President, nobody is going to knock your note taking, especially not me! - Kristy
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The following is a note sent from Ron Hutchinson to many members on September 2nd, and a follow up email sent on Sept. 21st. With his permission I am including it in our newsletter for those who may be interested in helping a young family.
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Exchange Students share stories of life abroad. Our speakers today were returning exchange students Erin Thatcher and Marion Fairgrave. There were some glitches in the presentation (slow, slow computer), so their time in the limelight was much delayed.

Erin spoke of her time in Slovakia and showed some images. Marion's presentation was unfortunately cut too short due to technical delay. She shared with us some of her stay in France. Her parents Rhonda and Bill were present.

To fill the time we had an impromptu fine program. Random members were called on to recite the 4-way test from memory. Niels, chose to look directly at the words on the large banner and read them aloud. Go Niels!
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On her first visit to our club Bara was greeted with a flower from every individual member in attendance. Pictured here with Bill Evans. Barbora Debefová is our new exchange student from the Czech Republic.

Wanting to make sure we were spelling it correctly, I inquired about her nickname. Is it Bara or Baru as I had seen it spelled in facebook? Her reply to me was, "both is a correct in Czech Republic we have a lot of nicks for our names you know I am BARBORA but my friends call me barča,barush,baru,bara atd..."

Bara addressed the club with impeccable English and let us know that she is looking forward to meeting everyone. She loves food and museums and is curious to see many things. She is currently living with Susan Veach. Bill Evans is threatening huge fines to those who don't manage to spend some time with her during her year's visit with us.
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On her first evening in Port Orchard Bara and Bill Evans dropped in on a fireside dinner at the Christman's home. She "won" a giant colorful leaf of rainbow swiss chard from Denny for being the most English conversant exchange student we've had so far. Bara accepted the honor with the good humor in which it was intended, charming all of us to bits.
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Ron Hutchinson and family got a postcard from Jean. In it Jean wrote about being on holiday in the South of France with his family. He also enticed Hutchinsons to come to Belgium, "Remember that Belgium makes better beers than yours and if you want to have a proof of it, come to see me and you'll see!"
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Bill Evans would like to share a letter he got from Jean. In it are typical Jeanisms like, "you're right about my mom, she freaked out at the second she saw my hair" and "trust me, there was way more mean tyrants than you [Bill] in USA!!!"
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Wayne Senter would like to bring to your attention the 2009 Golf Tournament being held by Auburn Rotary - benefiting Childrens Charities. September 11, 2009. 11:30 registration, 1:30 shotgun start. scramble. $125 includes cart and dinner. Register your foursome or let them find a team for you.
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Posted by Niels G. Nielsen
Local advocate for the homeless in Kitsap County, Sally Santana, was the featured speaker on August 11, 2009 - introduced by Wayne Senter. Santana was bestowed the Paul Harris Fellow Award recently by the club in recognition of her outstanding service for the homeless in Kitsap County.
Homeless in Port Orchard Niels G. Nielsen 0
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Rotary International recognizes the value of diversity within individual clubs. Rotary encourages clubs to assess those in their communities who are eligible for membership, under existing membership guidelines, and to endeavor to include the appropriate range of individuals in their clubs. A club that reflects its community with regard to professional and business classification, gender, age, religion, and ethnicity is a club with the key to its future.
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Today was Wayne Cohen's first regular meeting as President of the Port Orchard Rotary Club. He chose to begin his term with a Club Assembly. It was nice to see Jim Civilla sitting down and enjoying his breakfast for a change.
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In the evening of June 30th, at McCormick Woods Clubhouse, Port Orchard Rotary ended a great year of leadership and embarked on a new one. Thank you to outgoing President Jim Civilla for all you did this year! Thank you again for serving more than the usual 12 months, by stepping up to fill a seat vacated early by your predecessor. Retha, thank you too for all your support.
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Board members and chairpersons serving the 2008/09 year receive thank you cards/gifts and applause. Thank you all for your hard and good work!
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In what was probably the best testament as to why the exchange program is worthwhile, Jean Le Jeune from Belgium shared with the club a little about his stay here.
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Dan Phillips swears in the 2009/10 Board.
Pictured left to right - Cathy Ecker, Susan Veach, Denny Christman, Glenn Schmitt, Pat Oster, Sean Smith, Brad Smith, Jim Avery, Brian Lyman.
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In his first act of office Wayne thanked Jim for his ambitious term of office - approx 18 months. Wayne stated that being on the board with others you begin to notice their habits and quirks. He saw that Jim was always drinking diet coke, so presented him with an equivalent amount of diet coke as his days in office. This equated to a dolly loaded with boxes of pop - 500+some cans.
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Wayne thanks Retha Civilla for all of her support to the club, and to Jim, with a beautiful bouquet of roses and a warm embrace.

Jim graciously thanked his wife as part of his outgoing speech.
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In full stride, and smiling and laughing Dan Phillips swears in Wayne Cohen as President for 2009/10.
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Both Dan Phillips and Wayne Cohen look like they are uncertain about Wayne taking the oath of office.
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The club gave Brad a framed poster from this year's fundraiser. Brad is a Rodeo buff through and through, so the theme suited him well. He was enthusiastic about the event's poster design.
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Jim Civilla recognized Brad Smith as "The Rotarian of the Year". Brad was this year's successful Crab Feed and Auction Chairman. Members showed their respect with a standing ovation. Congrats Brad for a well-earned award.
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Jim recognized Susan Veach with the President's Award for Service above Self. Susan has been always available to Jim to get things done or handled. "If she couldn't do it, she'd get her husband to".
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Jim recognized Bruce Bennett with the President's Award for Service above Self. Bruce has led the charge in arranging programs and speakers for more than a year.
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Jim Civilla presented Bob Cairns with a Special Recognition Award in appreciation of his representation of our club and dedication to the Rotary ideals as Rotary Assistant District Governor. Jim also recognized and thanked Bob's wife Chris.
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Denny recognized Bob Cairns and Jim Avery as Multiple Paul Harris Fellows and gave them each pins containing several stones. Bob contributed $6,000 to date, so his pin would have 4 sapphires in it. Denny also presented a Paul Harris award to our Belgium exchange student Jean Le Jeune for being a professional student.
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Bob Cairns presented Jim Civilla with a banner from the Rotary International Convention in Birmingham England and tells a little about the event.
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"And you wonder what's wrong with the world today?" Finemaster Bill Evans amused members by citing a few Stella Awards. One particularly outrageous lawsuit — about a claimant named Grazinsky, who left the drivers seat of a Winnebago as it was traveling 72mph down the freeway, resulted in winning a million dollar plus lawsuit — actually had some banquet attendees wondering aloud whether it really could have happened. (seriously?!)
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Cary Bozeman / Port of Bremerton Tom Herstad 0
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The following invitation to participate in the Fathom of Fun Street Scramble was distributed by the Port Orchard Chamber of Commerce:
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Senator Derek Kilmer addressed members at the June 9th meeting. He began by placing his cell phone on the podium and announcing that if it is his wife he WILL answer it. 8.5 months pregnant he and Jennifer are expecting their second child soon.

For anyone interested in getting the latest scoop in Olympia according to Derek, he has an excellent site, which is continually updated: Senator Derek Kilmers website.
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Gig Harbor North's Rotary club was chartered on May 21.

My friend, and fellow Rotarian Patrick Williams tells me that their Charter Night is June 30 and EVERYONE IS INVITED!!! [Please note that this is the same evening as our - Port Orchard Rotary - Installation Banquet.]

They meet Tuesdays, 5PM @ St Anthony's Hospital on Canterwood Blvd in Gig Harbor.
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Today's meeting was almost entirely consumed by the Student of the Year awards.

Denny from Gig Harbor Rotary's noon morning club announced their upcoming Poker Tournament.

Bob Cairns announced that Jim Civilla was the only one of the 5 clubs in his territory that received the Presidential Citation. Congrats to Jim, and to our club!

Pete Holt began beating the drum for the next round of Firesides starting now and to be completed by September. Thanks again Pete for chairing this program.

Susan Veach has printed member's invoices. If you didn't get yours, please contact her. If you did and have a question about it she reminds us to "remember the 4-way test".

Rick Seward promoted a golf game for interested members, for after the June 9th meeting (now past).

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Our club's annual Student of the Year awards presentation packed the house at the June 2nd meeting. Pat Oster and Jay Villars did a fine job of organizing and emceeing the program. They introduced each of the presenters, who in turn said a few words and gave awards to kids in their schools. Most presenters referred to the criteria for their selection which was based on tenets that sounded much like the Boy Scout pledge, or Rotary's 4-way Test. There were proud faces and cute kids aplenty. Amongst the recipients were Ron and Shawn Hutchinson's daughter. I observed one child returning to their chair while admiring their award.
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On March 27th, Dave La Rose, Superintendent of South Kitsap School District was selected as one of two winners of the Washington State Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development's (WSASCD) 'Educating the Whole Child Award' for educators.

Excerpt from the SKSD website. Link to the District's site to learn more.

Our members congratulate you on this distinction David!
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Jean has been enjoying himself and getting a few opportunities to see our corner of the earth. He got to take a whirlwind trip to Montana and Yellowstone National Park with his host family the Thatchers. An exchange student friend, a Hungarian girl named Judit who lives on Vancouver Island got to go with him. He was thrilled to see the famous park.
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It was one of those perfect summer evenings last Thursday when a bunch of Rotarians met at Cheney Stadium to watch the Tacoma Rainiers play baseball. Located near left field we had a party deck all to ourselves, complete with food and drinks and a great view of Mt. Rainier. Highlights of the evening included a few balls hit our direction and a Rainier logoed shirt tossed to us by Rhubarb the Reindeer (the team's mascot) - which landed unfortunately on Julie Cox's head much to her surprise. Rainiers beat Nashville 5 to 3.

Special thanks to Pat Oster for arranging the social. Sorry you couldn't make it to the game Pat!

Photo of Ray and Patricia Gehlen.
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This weekend marks the first Kitsap Harbor Festival. Many of our members will be pouring beer at the beer garden near the Gazebo on the waterfront, downtown Port Orchard. If you aren't pouring we hope you'll drop by and buy, bye and bye. Ey matie? By the way, it IS a fundraiser. ;-)

1:30 set up  till 4 ish - Jim/Retha, Wayne C., Jim Avery
2:45 till 5:15 ish - Erin Civilla, Dee Marie
3:45 till 6:15 ish - Mark Grimm, Kristy Ewing, Bob Cairns
4:45 till 7:15 ish - Marty Mobly, Sean Smith, Steve Hutchins, Carmen T.
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Kitsap Bank On May 12 Jim Carmichael shared with members a little about the downfall of Westsound Bank and its subsequent takeover by Kitsap Bank. He described, from his point of view as Kitsap Bank President, the events of the last few months leading up to the final closure of Westsound Bank on Friday evening, May 8th. Of the long hours following the closure, Jim says, "it was quite a weekend".
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With a wide variety of programs to start the day members can look forward to learning or hearing about something new every week. To recap:

In the past many weeks we've heard from Real Estate and Mortgage experts in our own club Jacqui Curtiss, Cathy Ecker and Mitch Morey. Doug Baxter of Big Brothers and Sisters of Puget Sound. Arden Norvold updated us on Kids First Vietnam. Head Coach Brian Agler shared Seattle Storm happenings.
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In what is probably a Rotary first, our exchange student Jean LeJeune went skydiving in the Shelton area with his host family. Jean shared pictures of his exciting day with members at the May 5th meeting. He was all smiles in retelling the details of his big jump!
Jean goes skydiving. Visits elderly Belgian. Kristy Ewing 0
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Our club is the recipient of District 5020 2009 District Governor's Award - "Most Significant New Community Project". This is for the Backpacks for Kids Project. Special thanks to Sean Smith and the Community Service Committee for engaging the club in such a worthwhile endeavor!
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John Nsabimana, a survivor or the genocide in Rwanda, and a regional youth ambassador for UNICEF, gives us an update via Bob Cairns. John will soon have the opportunity to travel to Geneva to study the work of the United Nations. He is one of only 25 people who were selected for this rare opportunity. His travel and accommodations will be covered by the Quaker Peace & Social Witness Program.

John was a guest speaker at our club several months ago. He was "discovered" and given assistance to escape Uganda by a former Rotary Youth Ambassador.
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Our speaker on the 5th will be Arden Norvold who will present a program on "Kids First Vietnam". Niels Nielsen is actively involved in this project, having traveled to Vietnam on numerous occasions.
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While Jim and Retha were playing in the sun Wayne Cohen took a trial run at presiding over a meeting, proving the leadership in the club remains strong and capable. Nice job Wayne.

Our scheduled speaker canceled at the last moment, but thanks to our resident experts in real estate and mortgage we had the privilege of first hand insight into the local housing market. Thank you Jacqui Curtis, Cathy Ecker and Mitch Morey Jr.
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Brad Smith whooped it up in full western attire on the March 31st member assembly.
Wearing a cowboy hat and sexy chaps, and clanging a cowbell, Brad called for us "little doggies" to get saddled, head 'em up and ride 'em out. As of that day the event was only 32 days away, and Brad is feeling mighty nervous about whether the donations will come in soon enough.
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Jacqui Curtis is seeking volunteers to participate in this year's Spelling Bee. Participants have a fun time and help to raise funds and awareness for the Literacy Council of Kitsap County. Thursday, May 7th - 5:30 p.m.-9:00 p.m.- Silverdale Beach Hotel. See details of event on the LCKC website.
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April is considered Polio Challenge Month for Rotary. Denny Christman would like to share with members a few outstanding images which show how Rotary is recognized world wide for its effort to end polio. View images here.