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Port Orchard Rotsry has partnered with NGO Hifadhi Africa with critical water, food, and literacy projects in East Pokot, Kenya.
Hifadhi Africa Organization is a non-governmental, non-profit organization registered in July 2013, under Section 10 of the NGO ACT of 1990 of Kenya with charity registration No.OP.218/051/13-0188/8936 as a development, advocacy and youth empowerment organization in slums and pastoral regions.
PayPal tax deductible donations to Hifadhi Africa can be made here: -
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Founded in 1973 and coming up on it’s 50th Anniversary in 2023, Port Orchard Rotary has served its local and worldwide communities with distinction. Nowhere is the Rotary Motto of “SERVICE ABOVE SELF” more evident in the Rotary Club of Port Orchard than in our 36-year commitment to Rotary International’s Youth Exchange Program. “Building peace one student at a time” has made the Rotary Exchange program the envy of the world and deserving of respect from nations spanning the globe.
WE welcomed our first inbound youth exchange member in 1985/86, Asa, from Sweden. At the time, the Youth Exchange Program was headed by Charter member Pete Holt, who became our first Youth Exchange Officer. The following ten years we not only accepted an inbound student each year, we also sponsored an equal number of outbound students, sent abroad for a life changing year.
Each of our inbound students found their way into our hearts and we learned as much from them as they did us. They are a colorful bunch who have gone on to growing young families and successful careers:
1986/87 BOLIVIA – Goren 
1987/88 GERMANY – Tanya 
1988/89 SPAIN – Blanca 
1989/90 JAPAN – Aki 
1990/91 BELGIUM – Benoit 
1991/92 BRAZIL – Soria 
1992/93 SPAIN – Mire 
1993/94 ARGENTINA – Natalia 
Past Host families and past Youth Exchange Officers are still in touch with many of our exchange students. For example, Natalia (Argentina) is a successful attorney employed by Argentina’s largest port in Buenos Aires. She now has a beautiful daughter LARA who is five.
Bill Evans took over the reins of the Youth Exchange Program from Pete in 1993/94 and carried the tradition welcoming:
1995/96 ARGENTINA – “Ampy” Amporo 
1996/97 GERMANY – Fabian 
1997/98 POLAND – Bartek 
1998/99 HUNGARY – Krisztina 
1999/00 JAPAN – Satoko 
200/01 JAPAN – Eriko 
2001/02 HUNGARY – Hellie 
2002/03 FRANCE – Flore 
2003/04 BOLIVIA – Karlita 
2004/05 FINLAND – Elisa 
2005/06 DENMARK – Anne  
2006/07 SWEDEN – Helena 
2007/08 BRAZIL – Paulo 
2008/09 BELGIUM – Jean 
In 2009/10 Bill Evans stepped down from the Youth Exchange position to qualify to become a Host Parent for the 2009/10 inbound student from the CZECH REPUBLIC – Bara. Bill was replaced at the time by Ron Hutchinson, who continues yeoman duty as Youth Exchange Officer to this day in March, 2021!
The friendships and memories the exchange program creates impact lives all over the world. Flore is now an accomplished young lady managing her family’s restaurant outside of Paris, France. Elisa is now married with two darling children and is living in Finland. Jean (Belgium) is an accomplished Dr. of Medicine in Belgium. Our special memory of Helena is upon her arrival in America she was most excited to “go to the ball” --- which deciphered, eventually meant the High School Prom. Bara is now living in Berlin and has a marketing job with clients all over Europe. A select group of special and talented achievers to say the least!!!
2010/11 NETHERLANDS – Juliette 
2011/12 CHILE – Bea 
2012/13 ITALY – Serena 
2013/14 FINLAND – Jonna 
2014/15 TAIWAN – Paul 
2015/16 AUSTRIA -- Theresa 
2016/17 SPAIN – Lorena 
2017/18 COLUMBIA – Maria 
2018/19 INDONESIA – Fayza 
2019/20 returned to home country after 6 weeks
 Juliette is an outdoor adventuresome, kite surfing, extreme skiing young lady and a practicing Dentist in The Netherlands. Serena (Italy) is now living in Sardinia and making her way through the hardships of the COVID Pandemic. Maria is still living in Columbia and has a job utilizing her English skills working as a translator for UBER in America.
Each one of our inbound students have made a lasting impact on our club. Individual club members have reciprocated by making an impact on the student’s lives, particularly those who volunteer to be host parents.
We know we touch lives with our commitment to “Port Orchard Cares”, the scholarships we reward every year, and our support of water projects in Africa to name a few. But the tearful gracious gratitude of thanks from a departing exchange student is hard to beat!!!
Over a period of two days, March 2nd and 3rd, the Port Orchard Rotary Club in collaboration with Discovery Alternative High School and the Manchester Fuel Depot released 70,000 chum salmon smolts and 15,000 coho salmon smolts into Beaver Creek.  Discovery students picked up the eggs from Minter Creek Hatchery in the fall of 2020.  They raised the eggs in a hatchery owned by the Rotary Club of Port Orchard.  Once the eggs are “hatched” they are ready for transport to a suitable creek and released.  Beaver Creek flows through Manchester Fuel Depot before entering Puget Sound.  It is always a beautiful sight when thousands of these fish enter the creek and begin their journey.  Within three to four years survivors will be back to Beaver Creek to spawn.
The skatepark came about by conversation over dinner table, in 2007. I bought a book How to Build a Skatepark in our Community.
We started with our Commissioner, then went to every civic group, city official, county official to talk about how this community, our kids needed to have a place they could call family.
It took kids out of parking lots of our businesses, but even more then that, it gave the kids to recreate.
Port Orchard Rotary gave $12, 000 towards this world class skatepark. First phase completed in 2012, and second phase completed in 2014, as Vandenburgh plaza, in honor of the was my partner from day one to build this gem.
This last fall, skatepark needed to be cleaned from those that tagged it. We made a call out and Rotarians came out to scrub and clean the skatepark.
We have hesitated posting this in fear that it would make it a reality. As we found-out as a club on Tuesday via Zoom that Bob Cairns had passed, so many of us cried. Some cried tears of true sorrow at the loss of a truly genuine, kind, caring, impactful man. Yet, even in this time of sadness we had tears of happiness. Memories that we shared with Bob, times when he pushed us to be better, and inspired us to be more. Bob truly epitomizes Rotary to his core. His dedication and passion for helping and serving will forever have its mark on our club. We are forever indebted to this man for all he has taught us about being better for our community here in South Kitsap and to the far reaches of the globe. Our hearts are with Chris, and the rest of Bob's family. We look forward to the day when we can all come together to give this great, great man the celebration of life he deserves. We will forever be yours in Rotary Bob, rest in Peace.
Bob asked that in lieu of flowers or other gifts anyone wishing to honor his memory donate to the Chris and Bob Cairns Scholarship fund. This fund will be used to provide scholarships to children in Eastern Africa who would not otherwise be able to continue their education beyond primary school. Donations can be made at the following website: https://www.portorchardrotary.org/page/BobandChrisCairnsScholarship
#belikebob #serviceaboveself
Nate Sylling was born and raised in Kitsap County and resides in Port Orchard with his wife and 2 young children. 4 years ago, his family was searching for a natural remedy to prevent and fight back against the cold & flu season. Discovering elderberry syrup, Nate found it to be highly effective and became a believer. Elderberry syrup is packed with key nutrients and antioxidants that are necessary for healthy immune system support and overall health. Many of Nate’s family are entrepreneurs and it only made sense to make and sell their elderberry syrup to the community. Sylling’s Elderberry Syrup was born! Now more than ever, people are looking for natural and organic ways to keep their families healthy and illness at bay. What was first a hobby and side job, now has become their primary source of income and a way to support their community by offering an all-organic, preservative free elderberry syrup.
For more information, go to https://www.syllingselderberry.com/
The Port Orchard Rotary’s Annual Crab Feed and Auction has been supported by the Kitsap community for over 45 years. This year, due to global concerns surrounding the covid19 virus epidemic, the Auction will be changed to an On-Line format. The Auction will start May16th and finishing up on May 26th. 
The On-line auction will feature items similar to those of previous Auctions. Auction Sponsors will be identified through out the Auction process.
The monies we raise for this Auction will go to many area’s of the community including these on going projects.
1.       Providing $20,000 to $28,000 for academic and vocational scholarships each year.
2.       Raising $30,000 to $35,000 through our auction for a critical need in our community.
3.       Providing gifts and holiday meals to over 150 adults and children.
4.       Support of Rotary International’s goal to eradicate polio world-wide
5.       Executing $300,000 over the last 5 years to eradicate poverty and literacy in Kenya.
6.       Maintaining strategic partnerships and supporting:  Coffee Oasis, South Kitsap Skate Park, Boy Scouts, Alzheimer's Int., Helpline, Fathoms of Fun, Military Families and veterans who all help to identify needs in our community. 
7.       Partnering with SKHS each year to support student awards, Business Week, FFA, Ready for Kindergarten and special projects that support literacy and student learning.
Port Orchard Rotary’s funded item will be South Kitsap’s new gem, which is the YMCA Camp Lake Helena Regional Day Camp for local kids.  Since opening last summer, over 500 kids put away their cell phones, and created memories with boating, swimming, archery, crafts, performing arts, sports and games, while meeting new friends, singing camp songs and discovering new interests.  No child is turned away, including South Kitsap area’s foster children.  Another special Program is for kids of military parents that have fallen or sick while serving their country. During COVID19 “Stay Home, Stay Healthy”, the Y is staying connected with local campers, hosting virtual camp fires, virtual camp-at-home activities and sharing outdoor education resources for local schools.  With support, this program can continue  to expand and thrive.
“As a Rotarian for 20 plus years, I have watched our community grow and prosper.  It has been an amazing experience to be involved in much of that growth, and moreover, be involved as a Rotarian.  The Crab Feed is more than just a community event.  It is the basic foundation for our funds that we use to support our community.  There are so many projects that we are involved in annually, and those projects are actually people that count on us to survive and thrive.  We want to thank our community for the continued support and look forward to a successful online auction! Jacqui Curtiss, President Elect
“Port Orchard Rotary has served our community for almost 50 years. As global challenges have brought us into our homes, Rotarians wanted to continue to serve our community. We decided to help our doctors, nurses and hospital personal, so within a span of 48 hours, we raised $3100 to provide meals to our local hospital staff. We have been available to our community in the good times, and now we’re here serving our community in challenging times as well” says Leslie Reynolds-Taylor, President of Port Orchard Rotary. 
This week, The call came out. Rotarian Answered.
Sunday, 4/3/2020
Good morning, CHI Fransican/Harrison is requesting our help. As you may know, they have been a sponsor of ours for many years at our Auction. 
Now, they are requesting our help with suppling meals for their medical Doctors, nurses and other hospital employees. They have about 30 people per shift that need to be fed. I’ve talked to the Brickhouse and the Dock, and they both want to partner with us on this project. Meals will be about $10 pp, could be as high as $15 pp. 
Would you please donate $50, $100, $200, $300 for helping our medical folks that are spending much over time to care for our Kitsap county residents.
4/3/2020 UPDATE The Port Orchard Rotary raised just over $3000 within 48 hours. The Dock Restaurant will be delivering 3 shifts of meals to hospital personal, next week. That is $1000 of what you raised. Kettlefish and the Brickhouse will be delivering meals as well.  Tomorrow will be first shift that will have their meals.  

Read how Rotary International is responding to the impact of the global COVID-19 crisis. We are closely monitoring updates and recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure the safest and most appropriate actions are taken by and for our members and the communities they serve.
The 2020 Rotary Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, has been canceled due to the ongoing threat of the coronavirus. Read more.
Editor's note: This a a report on the construction of the 3rd Sand Dam in East Pokot, Kenya by our NGO Hifadhi Africa  (Global Grant # 1869224).
HAO WaSH team currently out in the field where the construction of the 3rd sand dam under GG186924 is ongoing. The sand dam is anticipated to serve approximately 1500 people in Natan village, East Pokot, with clean drinking water for themselves and their animals. Thanks to our partners Rotary International, Rotary Clubs of Port Orchard, USA and Nairobi Gigiri, Rotary District 9212 and Rotary District 5020. Rotary International Rotary Club of Nairobi Gigiri Rotary District 9212 Rotary District 5020 Port Orchard Rotary
Update by Bob Cairns of Port Orchard Rotary: Construction of the 3rd sand dam was done in a record 8 days(10-17 Mar).There was an average of 200 people working daily(120 women and 80 men).A pregnant woman worked because she had no food.A good espiritdecorp and cohesion developed between the workers.Materials used were 350 bags of cement, over 70 tons of rocks and 22,000 gallons of water were hauled from Marigat. A record 85 bags of cement were used on one day.Serious challenge with cobra snakes in the rocks.Over 20 cobras were killed and more got away.People are still in the field and when they return, a written report will be submitted.Plan is to do 4th and final sand dam in April, weather permitting.Depends on the availability of the engineering contractor.Projected completion date for the entire GG is July 2020.
The first release of 2020 was a complete success. 15,000 coho salmon smolts were released into Beaver Creek on the Manchester Fuel Farm property. These coho smolts were raised at the Port Orchard Rotary hatchery on Karcher Creek by Discovery High School students led by their teacher Jerry Polley. They have an additional 70,000 chum salmon in the hatchery that will be ready for release around early March.
Three Port Orchard Rotarians took a truck and trailer to Eastern WA to pick up 3000 lbs of Potatoes and 2500 lbs of apples that were donated by a farmers. Then a team of Rotarians unloaded apples and potatoes to Helpline, which will receive most of them, and other portion will go to our families in Port Orchard Cares. Thank you for all the help from our Rotarians.
District 5020 Governor Maureen Fritz-Roberts of Comox, B.C. gave her message Tuesday night to a gathering consisting of five local Rotary clubs from District Area 10:  Bremerton, Port Orchard, South Kitsap, East Bremerton and North Mason. There was a crowd of about 200 in attendance at the Conference Center including a table of 11 Interact Club members from Port Orchard and Bremerton High School and two of our exchange students, Alex Fisher and Lauren Toth. Fritz-Roberts brought a message about the joy Rotary creates by telling the story of a woman named Joy in Ethiopia who received a microcredit Rotary loan that enabled her to build a bakery business in her back yard. John Stanley, who joined Bremerton club in 1954 and was our club's president in 1965-66, was honored for his 70-plus years of service to Rotary. John transferred to the Port Orchard club a few years ago to be closer to home.
2020-2021 Theme: Rotary Opens Opportunities
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